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Monday, July 16, 2018

Survivor India

The concept of Survivor is well-known —American television has seen 24 seasons so far and the format has been adapted..

Written by Somya Lakhani | Published: February 3, 2012 2:26:44 pm

Drama on a deserted island

Saturday- Sunday,9.00 pm,Star Plus

Host: Sameer Kochar

The concept of Survivor is well-known —American television has seen 24 seasons so far and the format has been adapted by a number of countries,including Australia,China,France and Israel. However,the show made its Indian debutrecently. Selected contestants are left to fend for themselves in a deserted island without shelter,clothes and perhaps the biggest of all human needs,food. Living lives like cavemen,the contestants — divided into two tribes — have to compete through tasks and elimination for basic necessities and survival.

Survivor India has 22 contestants,11 of who are celebrities from various walks of life and they comprise the Catan tribe. The remaining are laymen and form the other tribe,Tayak. The show has been shot in the exotic,unexploited Caramoan Islands near Philippines and is being hosted by model-turned-actor,Sameer Kochar. Television actors Shilpa Agnihotri,Karan Patel,Rajesh Khera and wrestler Sangram Singh among others are the celebrity survivors and they face 11 common Indians from various interesting fields – research scientist,hockey player,stylist,student and stunt artiste among others. The show is all about testing Charles Darwin’s Survival of the Fittest theory for a prize of ‘ 1 crore.

The location,Caramoan Island,ranks amongst the the most impressive aspects of the show. Huge,clear water bodies,beaches with panoramic views and unpredictable weather that challenges the contestants’ survival instincts. The tasks are exciting: the team members have to build a shelter or raft from scratch,climb peaks or dive into the sea for the prize — often a quota of their requirement for survival — and go back to the basics of human evolution in order to light fire without an external ignitor. The show has ample thrill factor to keep a viewer hooked.

Indian television’s affinity for B-grade celebrities has crept into Survivor too. One can soon expect to witness high-voltage drama,tears in abundance and flying tempers. These emotions may seem natural given the circumstances these contenders find themselves in,but the involvement of celebrities such as Payal Rohtagi,known for unnecessary drama,can push them to another level. This has made Survivor India look like Bigg Boss in the outdoors.

Verdict: Watch the show for the adrenaline rush. But if you are among those who miss Dolly Bindra and Pooja Mishra on TV,wait another two weeks – Survivor India will have its own set of drama queens.

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