Sanctum,another story of gritty survival in a cave.

Directed: Alistair Grierson

Cast: Rhys Wakefield,Allison Cratchley,Christopher Baker


Movie Review: Sanctum Sanctum,another story of gritty survival in a cave,may suffer from coming to theatres so soon after 127 hours. However,quite unlike the Danny Boyle film,this 3D venture has all the hallmarks of a James Cameron production – including a cave that’s the biggest such unexplored hole in the world,a protagonist who is “the Neil Armstrong of caves”,and an attempt to go where no man has ever gone before.

Survival can be dirty business and dangerous adventures not necessarily the best outing for family bonding. Sanctum,will all its rocks,gushing waters and narrow alleys,up close on account of 3D,makes no bones about what it’s about. With a parallel sidetrack of an illustrious and cold father and his admiring but resentful son,it also injects workable if clichéd drama.