Amongst the lessons I learnt while watching ‘Phhir’ was this : that old skeletons smell.

Director: Girish Dhamija

Cast: Rajneesh Duggal,Adah Sharma,Roshni Chopra

Rating: *1/2

Amongst the lessons I learnt while watching ‘Phhir’ was this : that old skeletons smell. Badly enough that people can just follow their offended noses,and fling open coffins where the body has been interred. For decades.

That mediums need to lurk near SUVs in a shifty manner before getting in,gripping the wheel,closing their eyes and zipping back in time,to see howdunnit AND whodunit in rapid flashback.

That husbands who are grief-stricken after their wives disappear are free to behave badly,break glasses,and snarl at people,pretty mediums included,who are only trying to help.


That wives who do the vanishing act after being stood up for the nth time by late-lateef spouses,can basically be up to no good.

That houses which have a shady past will always be called Glen Something or the Other,whether they are in Ooty or in England. And they will always be surrounded by ghostly trees and shadowy roads.

After all this ‘gyan’,I am happy to tell you that ‘Phhir’ is a ‘punarjanam’ film,featuring a disappearing wife,a distraught husband,and a smashing medium,and how everything falls into place right towards the end. Till we reach that point,we are entertained by the couple (Duggal and Sharma) who were in hit horror flick ‘1920’,in which Sharma was to be seen crawling on ceilings in chalky make-up,with Duggal keeping her good company.

Here she is togged out in black coats,boots and a series of colourful mufflers,declaring : I am a medium,not God. And he does the following,having turned a firm believer,after several sundry smashed glasses and fists.