Naruda DONORuda review: This Vicky Donor remake fails to satisfy

While Vicky Donor emerged as a clear win, its Telugu version flags in certain areas.

Rating: 2.5 out of 5
Written by Krishna Vamsi | Hyderabad | Updated: November 4, 2016 6:57:53 pm
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Vicky Donor was a perky, fun film which imparted the message of sperm donation and infertility minus any shrugs of shame. It was the sparkling writing, creative direction and the right presentation which made it such a sparkler. Naruda DONORuda, the film’s Telugu remake, may have Vicky Donor’s script but it lacks its soul.

Fertility doctor Anjaneylu (Tanikella Bharani) gets hold of a sperm donor, Vikram (Sumanth), who is ‘ideal’ for the job and strikes a mutually beneficial deal. Walking on this tight rope, the story is woven around how both their lives derail because of sperm donation.

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This could have been a very difficult subject to pull through given our country’s conventional and sensitive social structure. To make it work, you need focus on screenplay, script, direction, performances, in fact every aspect of the filmography. While Vicky Donor emerged as a clear win, its Telugu version flags in certain areas.

The first part of the movie falls flat where it drags the plot in an attempt to establish the idea. The script should have been managed more sensitively to cater to ‘U/A’ audience.

If you have watched Vicky Donor, which felt seamless with an engrossing flow of narration, this version would make you conscious about the missing blocks. Replete with crass euphemism and innuendos, many dialogues in the story leave you with that awkward and ‘should’ve-been-more-careful’ grin. Even the way the contrast between Bengalis and Punjabis was presented in the original is lacking when it comes to showing the differences between Bengalis and Telugus. A tinkering was definitely warranted here to have made the narration more effortless for the Tollywood audience.

However, the performance from Tanikella Bharani and debutant Pallavi Subhash are highlights of the movie. Bharani is perfect as the doctor with a ‘fertile’ sense of humour. Apart from the overt dialogues we talked about earlier, he breathes life into the character. Ashima Roy (Pallavi) looks like a doppelganger of Yami Gautam from the Hindi version and does the job well.

And now, let us talk about the elephant in the room, Vikram alias Vicky. Sumanth is not even close to the performance of Ayushmann Khurrana. Coming on screen after two years gap, the actor was expected to be back with energy but he is the anchor speeding to hit the seabed of an otherwise buoyant ship. Though his witty dialogues are entertaining, the rest of his emotional landscape is bland. However, the climax will make the film worth your money.

Another drawback is the lack of good music and BGM score to accentuate the plot. Even after four years, I still have Paani Da or Rum Whiskey from Vicky Donor in my playlist but these songs may not even make it there.

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