In the 80s,there was this film called Sau Din Saas Ke which starred Lalita Pawar as the tyrannical mother-in-law and an...

Written by Kshama Rao | Published: April 13, 2012 1:16:35 pm

Lacks the bite

Monday – Friday,7.00 pm,Colors

Cast: Hema Singh,Jay Bhanushali,Lina Jumani

In the 80s,there was this film called Sau Din Saas Ke which starred Lalita Pawar as the tyrannical mother-in-law and an older lamb of a bahu played by the simpering Asha Parekh. The saas bahu melodrama unfolded like a bumpy ride till the younger bahu stepped in. Reena Roy played the fiesty,fiery daughter-in-law who didn’t take any nonsense from her saas,took up for her timid jethani and even held her mother in law’s arm and even twisted it every time the latter tried to slap her. Every time Roy cleverly dodged Pawar’s atyachar,the audience,especially the women clapped and silently prayed for her victory over the evil saas.

We are now in the 21st century and the TV serials have us believe nothing much has changed. For instance,Colors’ latest 7 pm offering is called Kairi (which means a raw mango) and which as the title song suggests is supposed to be a sweet and sour tale of a saas and her bahu. But looks like,we will have to wait for this kairi to ripen even as the saas who goes by the name of Imarti Devi goes around crushing her daughter-in-law’s hand only because the latter dared to speak to her husband (who is in Dubai) on the phone without her permission! Or keeping her bahus hungry because they didn’t put enough almonds into the kheer….It’s terrible to watch not the atyachaar but made-up heroines (their lipstick and blush on is spot on) playing such regressive roles. The saas has her sari pleats in place,her face lit up by a bright big bindi and perfectly done lips but who behaves like a devil from hell.

The youngest son of the family has landed himself a cushy job and his mother is now on the lookout for a puppet for him. Meanwhile,there is Ambi,who lives with her father and a stepmother in a house that’s too spic and span for comfort much like the made up heroines. She runs an atta chakki (we love her vocation),is honest,has values,can cook like a dream but is also not to take any nonsense from her. Needless to say,she will cross paths with Imarti Devi and soon land in her house as the youngest daughter in law…And then the fun would begin as the promos suggested,the fight to be one-up on each other.

The makers seemed to have strictly made this show for women,especially those living in the interiors who enjoy saas bahu tussles. There is nothing to write home about this show. The performances are average. Jay Bhanushali makes a comeback of sorts to fiction. And boy,does he stick out like a sore thumb. Hema Singh as Imarti Devi digs her teeth into the role which requires her to be this smooth talker,dripping sarcasm. Naturally then,she goes all over town playing the part.

Overall,this Kairi is not worth biting into. May be you could try the green variety that’s already hit the vegetable markets.

Verdict: Kairi is regressive drama.

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