Jo Jeeta Wohi Superstar

The second season of Jo Jeeta Wohi Superstar opened with a bang on Star Plus. We say 'with a bang' because the show...

Written by Kshama Rao | Published: April 13, 2012 1:22:03 pm

Music once again for your ears

Saturday – Sunday,9.00 pm,STAR Plus

Participants: Sreeram Chandra,Shivamm Pathak,Sanchita Bhattacharya,Nihira Joshi,Sharib Sabri,Anvesha Dutta,Vaishali Mane,Hemant Brijwasi

The second season of Jo Jeeta Wohi Superstar opened with a bang on Star Plus. We say ‘with a bang’ because the show had quite a few things working for it. For instance,the extremely watchable inagural episode that had the likes of Shaan,Shantanu Moitra and Swanand Kirkire (who incidentally form the jury) jamming with winners and participants of past singing reality shows. Not only with the judges,but the singers had a field day matching their vocals with veterans like Ustad Rashid Khan (Sreeram,winner of Indian Idol was a dream to hear singing Albela with the ustad),the Wadali Brothers and other musicians. It’s a treat alright for music lovers. Yes,it doesn’t matter whether you half recognise these singers. Some of them have changed beyond recognition. Like putting on a few kilos (Sanchita Bhattacharya) or shedding some. A couple of them have added an alphabet or two to their names (for instance,the curly haired Idol aspirant Shivam now goes by the name ‘Shivamm’). Save for hostess Mandira Bedi who introduced the singers,we wouldn’t have known most of them at all,for eg Hemant Brijwasi,the winner of Little Champs Sa Re Ga Ma who’s now taller and all grown up! But they all are good and thankfully deliver the minute they take to the mikes.

It’s heartening and refreshing to see Shaan (who we don’t mind endlessly listening to),Swanand and Shantanu making the atmosphere so magically musical. For those who are not aware of the format of the show which aired its first season in 2008,it’s about the champions (that is the winners of the shows) trying to retain their honour and title from the defenders or challengers. Yes,there is underlying currents of tension — what would Shivam not give to wrest the title back from Sreeram? Each of these participants have been taken under their wings by the three judges-cum-mentors. The booty is 50 lakh rupees.

Usually,at the end of a reality show,the question most people ask is ‘what next? where do the winners go?’. May be the answer is they bide their time till the next reality show comes around,especially one like this which gives these ‘forgotten’ names to jog your memories once again.

One word for Mandira Bedi who is back with her backless strappy numbers. Her enthusiasm is enviable but we could have done with a fresher host!

All in all,a good timepass weekend show.

Verdict: Watch it,it could be therapy for your ears!

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