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Sunday, July 22, 2018

It’s My Life

NDTV brings the third edition of Issi Ka Naam Zindagi (earlier called Jeena Isi Ka Naam Hai on Zee hosted by...

Written by Kshama Rao | Mumbai | Published: March 16, 2012 5:56:36 pm

Idle talk

Sunday,10 pm,NDTV 24×7

Host: Raveena Tandon

NDTV brings the third edition of Issi Ka Naam Zindagi (earlier called Jeena Isi Ka Naam Hai on Zee hosted by Farooque Shaikh) with Raveena Tandon doing the honours. The opening episode had the current flavour of the season,Vidya Balan giggling incessantly as Raveena called her family,friends and colleagues to wax eloquent about her. Next up was Irrfan,who for some reason looked very uncomfortable. Of course,we were told by his wife and female co-stars how shy he is. Guests walked on to the stage talking about Irrfan’s early days while directors and friends praised him effusively. Nothing wrong with that except both the episodes had something crucial missing.

Calling one guest after another who hardly get a minute to talk about the star just makes the stage more crowded. Quantity scores over quality as the guests keep appearing on the show without revealing anything interesting about the star. Like we all know by now,how Vidya was panned for her dress sense before she struck gold with Sabyasachi’s saris or Irrfan’s ‘cerebral’ films.

Irrfan’s episode was particularly disappointing as some crucial elements were left out. For instance,we wanted to hear more from his wife and his two sons who were sadly relegated to a far corner on the sofa! We wanted to know more about his mother who in a touching AV complained of how her “beta” has gone far off from their family,we wanted to know more from Mira Nair on why she thinks Irrfan hasn’t got his due in the Hindi film industry or even from Irrfan on whether he feels shortchanged or disillusioned in the industry which feeds itself on star sons and obscene box office figures. We would have loved to see a Tabu talking about her Maqbool and The Namsesake co-star or Irrfan telling us if things had soured between the two. And pray,what was a film critic doing on that stage making a tall statement like ‘He has a long way to go…he is set for the international stage’…We mean,what was he expected to say?

Last but not the least,Raveena Tandon apart from her sparkling presence,doesn’t bring anything to the table. For instance,when Farooque Shaikh hosted the show,though he hadn’t worked with most of the stars who appeared on it,he still had viewers believe he knew more about them,or a little secret only he was privy to,whereas Raveena just rattles off bits (when she is not adjusting her hair) her research team has given her. The insider ‘view’ is seriously missing and what could have been an all rounded view about the star ends up skimming just the surface.

Verdict: Nothing exceptional. If you have nothing else to do,you can just about pass time.

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