Double Dhamaal

Double Dhamaal

Okay,so here’s the 'Dhamaal’ gang back again with more of the same.

Director : Indra Kumar

Cast: Sanjay Dutt,Arshad Warsi, Riteish Deshmukh,Jaaved Jafferi,Ashish Choudhary,Mallika Sherwat,Kangana Ranaut,Satish Kaushik

Rating: *1/2

Okay,so here’s the ‘Dhamaal’ gang back again with more of the same. We know it’s a different film because of the change in locale,and the girls. What hasn’t changed,however,is the insistence on aiming several of the jokes below the belt,both male and female.

To wit : a golfing sequence which is played out a couple of times,with the ball aimed unerringly at the part which hurts the most,giving all the protagonists enough opportunity to practice agonized-face-when-hit-by-a-ball-in-the-balls. We have to report that the cast does quite well on this score : not one of the screwed up visages is similar to the other. Ms Sherawat comes in for some nether-region attention herself in a skin-coloured costume she sports while shimmying to an item number,with the camera sticking firmly to its convenient waist-level-position : it just needs to take a quick swoop up to take in Ms Ranaut’s invitingly untethered chest.


By now,you’ve probably got a good idea of what this film is about : a bunch of directionless fellows milling about,accompanied by a couple of tightly sheathed females,in a plot which takes them to Macau,and casinos,and illicit cash,and fish tanks and an ‘Oceans Eleven’-style heist. Dutt plays the guy with a load of money (which he hoofed off with in the first film),armed with curvaceous wife and sister (Sherawat and Ranaut),and who is targeted by the foursome (Warsi,Deshmukh,Jafferi,Choudhary) in order to get it back.

Dialogues are delivered at ear-crushing decibels,complete with all manner of bodily and facial contortions. Everyone yells,and Mallika emerges from a pool,for the obligatory bikini shot. Of all the actors engaged in this stew of noise,with Warsi alone getting in a few moments of unforced laughter,I feel for Jaaved Jafferi the most,who repeats his dim-witted idiot part with great felicity. This is a genuine comic who can be used to much greater effect,but then he wouldn’t be in ‘Double Dhamaal’,would he? You have to admire the film for one thing though : it sticks unswervingly to its promise of delivering loudness and crassness.