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Devadas movie review: Nani shines in this film

Devadas movie review: Nani is the only saving grace in Devadas. The actor gets into the skin of the character and gives his best to the make the lousy writing tolerable.

Rating: 2 out of 5
Devadas movie review Nani Nagarjuna Devadas movie review: It is a boy-meets-boy story and the basic emotion here is friendship and not love.

Devadas movie cast: Nagarjuna, Nani, Rashmika Mandanna, Aakanksha Singh
Devadas movie director: Sriram Adittya
Devadas movie rating: 2 stars

The title of director Sriram Aditya’s new film Devadas has more layers than the stereotypical characters in it. We instantly connect the name Devdas with the tormented soul who self-destructed over a failed relationship. Here, that title is a combination of the names of the two leading heroes of the movie: Deva (Nagarjuna) and Das (Nani). It is also a love story which is masqueraded as a buddy comedy.

Sriram has reimagined the generic boy-meets-girl comedy by flipping the gender. It is a boy-meets-boy story and the basic emotion here is friendship and not love. Injured in a shootout, Deva seeks help at a godforsaken clinic run by Dr Das, who can’t introduce himself without naming all of his academic achievements. Das saves Deva and doesn’t even get paid for his service. But, he couldn’t care less. For some reasons, he even prepares to take a bullet to the head to protect Deva’s identity. Such is the connection that he forms with the total stranger. Deva sees a trustworthy friend in Das and forces his friendship on the latter. Over the course of a few heavy drinking nights, Deva and Das become thick friends.

At one point, Deva and Das fight and go separate ways. They both are poles apart: one is a doctor and the other is a cold-blooded killer. Deva feels lonely, goes into depression but doesn’t give in to the temptations of drinking. You see the twist here. Instead, Deva convinces about 10,000 criminals to donate their organs to help Das get back his job. The rest of the movie follows how they reconcile and overcome other challenges in their relationship.

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Deva is supposedly a legend of sorts in the criminal world. Nobody has seen him in person, but everybody fears his existence. How come? What is his history? And what forced him to run his business anonymously? When you watch the movie, don’t go looking for answers because you won’t find them in it. Das is supposedly one of the best minds in medicine. Even with all his degrees, he has been portrayed as an extremely stupid person. He is the only saving grace in the film. Nani gets into the skin of the character and gives his best to the make the lousy writing tolerable.

Rashmika Mandanna plays Pooja, and she has been deprived of speaking lines. I don’t recall her speaking more than two lines in a stretch in the movie. Aakanksha Singh as Jahnavi is a reason for Nagarjuna to slip into a dreamy song sequence.

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