Mohit Suri's films have always dealt with topical subjects,but he seems to have lost his way with Crook.

Director: Mohit Suri

Cast: Emraan Hashmi,Gulshan Grover,Neha Sharma,Arjan Bajwa,Mashoor Amrohi


Jai (Hashmi) shows up in Melbourne in search of life and love and runs smack into trouble: a Pakistani store-owner is held up by racist louts,as Jai watches from a hidden corner. Clearly,Crook has been born of the recent attacks on subcontinentals in Australia,which seem to have died down now.

Suri’s films have always dealt with topical subjects,and he’s done well in the past with his lead actor,a constant presence in his films. But they seem to have lost their way with Crook ,easily the most tiresome film I’ve seen in a while.

It had no business to be this way. Hashmi is capable of delivering competent performances and Suri knows how to tell a story,and here’s potential. Jai flies to another country to put behind him a tragic past and troubled present. He’s looking for new pastures,and pretty Suhani (Sharma) who believes that Indians and Australians can be friends forever,seems to be the way out. Out come the violent locals,the piggish policemen,the jolly ‘desis’,all of whom happen to be,of course,from Punjab. The girlfriend’s fanatic brother (Bajwa) spouts nonsense about Indian culture. And a white Aussie gal who befriends Jai works in a strip-bar,all the better to show off flesh. The rest of it is a blur of guns and blood.