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Monday, July 16, 2018

Chhal,Sheh Aur Maat

What do you do when you find a different man in your hotel room on your honeymoon? What do you do if he insists on

Written by Kshama Rao | Mumbai | Published: March 30, 2012 3:49:31 pm

Interesting thriller

Monday – Friday,9.00 pm,Colors

Cast : Aishwarya Narkar,Hunar Hali,Abhishek Malik,Avinesh Rekhi

What do you do when you find a different man in your hotel room on your honeymoon? What do you do if he insists on calling you his wife while your husband goes missing overnight? And what do you do when the man and everyone else insists you are someone else? Bhairavi Raichura,the tomboy from Hum Paanch,who turned producer recently with producer-director

Nandita Mehra,has launched the social thriller Chhal Sheh Aur Maat.

Raichura and Mehra call it a social thriller,a genre we haven’t seen much since Kahin Kissi Roz. And a thriller it is,as at the time of writing,we were three episodes down but the material was enough to have us go back for more. Ok,it may not be a masterpiece but given the mediocrity on prime-time television,this is definitely like a breath of fresh air.

Coming to the story,it’s about Neha and Rish Shekhawat who are on their honeymoon at a hill station called Dhaulganj. The two are having a good time when one morning,Rishi goes for a bath only to return as Kabir Jaiswal. And so begins Neha’s roller-coaster ride as the new man not only insists he is her husband but also calls her by a different name — Aditi. We are also told a woman had mysteriously died in a car crash in Dhaulganj a few months ago and that the woman was Aditi. Neha is shocked to the core as everyone around her,including the cabbie who dropped them at the hotel insists Kabir is her husband! Even the ‘honeymoon’ pictures have her posing with Kabir and the last nail on the coffin turns out to be the marriage video which Kabir shows her taking the saat pheras with him,not Rishi!

A good thriller thrives on its pace and storyline full of twists and unexpected surprises and Chhal definitely has both. Yes,it’s early days but the beginning has been good enough to expect the show to only get better. The show reminds us of an ‘80s Rishi Kapoor film called Khoj which had Kimi Katkar claiming to be his wife who he vehemently denies having anything to do with till the film’s shocking climax when Kapoor in a fit of rage and frustration admits of having killed his wife and so there was no question of anyone else claiming to be her!

Apart from the pace and the plot,the performances in Chhal are decent. The show solely rests on Hunar Hali (earlier seen in Karol Bagh… and Sasural Genda Phool) as Neha/ Aditi. She was OTT in the initial happy bubbly phase but as the show took a serious intense turn,she too showed her acting chops. The shock,the horror,the anger,the terror,the disbelief — she expressed the whole gamut of emotions with remarkable ease. The two men — Avinesh and Abhishek — are easy on the eye but are yet to show their acting muscle.

They say a good start is a job half done,now only if the show sustains its pace and plot!

Verdict: Give it a shot,you just might get sucked in.

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