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Saturday, December 07, 2019

Brother’s Day movie review: This Prithviraj film is horrible

Brother's Day movie review: Brother's Day, starring Prithviraj, Prasanna and Aishwarya Lekshmi among others, is desperate, shameful and sinister.

Written by Manoj Kumar R | Bengaluru | Updated: September 7, 2019 6:51:45 am
Brother's Day movie review Brother’s Day movie review: Shajohn has written the script for this film without any understanding of the human psyche.

Brother’s Day movie cast: Prithviraj, Prasanna, Aishwarya Lekshmi
Brother’s Day movie director: Kalabhavan Shajohn
Brother’s Day movie rating: 0

Kalabhavan Shajohn’s directorial debut Brother’s Day is horrible. It is so horrible because the film has no purpose for its existence. It does not only fail to entertain us but also wastes nearly three hours of our precious time. Shajohn has written the script for this film without any understanding of the human psyche. The most morbid crimes are treated with such triviality in the film that it left me shocked.

In Shajohn’s world, when a life-altering crime happens, people just shrug off sadness and move on. The film opens with a motherless brother and sister growing up in the shadow of their alcoholic father. The siblings are always in danger due to the abusive nature of their father. And then, something happens. One thing leads to another, and someone dies. The story moves on. Cut to present day, we meet Ronnie (Prithviraj Sukumaran), who runs catering services and for some reason, he has a fetish for meaningless action. He is always trying to clown around and trying to keep everyone around him happy. I thought it is probably because he has a happy and fulfilling life. A loving family, a successful business and soon he may even meet his future wife.

But no. Ronnie’s life is a train-wreck. His brother-in-law was murdered in a gruesome way and the dead body was discovered in the woods. At the same place, Ronnie’s younger sister was found raped and brutalised. The crime happened when the couple were on their honeymoon. A crime of this magnitude in the film gets no importance as Shajohn stays focused on the antics of Ronnie. The writer-director desperately wants you to like Ronnie and mistreats the narration.

Ronnie is either seen drinking with his friends, enjoying Sunny Leone’s dance performance on TV or dancing at birthday parties. We never see him wailing in anguish and burning with rage. Not just him, Santa (Aishwarya Lekshmi) has witnessed multiple murders and is privy to what happened to Ronnie’s sister. But she is not disturbed by them as she is too busy shopping, going on trips, and celebrating with her father’s money. All characters in this film are unsentimental to the extent that you start wondering whether they are robots.

Shiva, the villain of the film, played by Prasanna, only adds to our distress. I was not sure what to make of Shiva. Shajohn so desperately wants you to hate the villain, he shoves the reasons down your throat scene after scene in the third act. Shiva makes money by honey-trapping lovelorn rich wives and lonely middle-aged men. He takes compromising pictures and videos of his victims and extracts money from them. His victims, fearing social humiliation, pay up. He gets his money and his victims get the tapes. So everybody should go back home, right? But Shiva either kills them or forces them to kill themselves. He is not just a blackmailer. He is also a serial killer who enjoys torturing people to death. Also, he is a serial rapist who lets his man-eating dog maul his victims after he is done. If you are still not petrified by him, don’t worry, Shajohn will supply you more reasons for you to despise him.

Prasanna has been very loyal to the paycheck and he has delivered what was asked of him without many questions. And, Prithviraj looks utterly clueless and so does Aishwarya Lekshmi. I can’t understand why Madonna Sebastian is in the film. I am sure she would have felt the same.

Brother’s Day is desperate, shameful and sinister.

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