Break Ke Baad

Break Ke Baad

Abhay Gulati is named thus so that the girl he’s grown up with can call him by his surname.

Director:Danish Aslam

Cast:Imran Khan,Deepika Padukone,Shahana Goswami,Yudhishtir Urs,Sharmila Tagore ; Lilette Dubey,Navin Nishcol


Abhay Gulati is named thus so that the girl he’s grown up with can call him by his surname. Or Gelato,when the mood strikes her,and it strikes her often. Cute,huh? Aliya Khan is called thus because a new Bollywood rom com needs a suitably New Agey name : she can’t be a plain vanilla Pooja or Neha,can she?

Abhay ( Khan) is your solid nice guy,stuck in an office he’s bored with. He is also madly in love with Aliya ( Padukone),who is wild,impulsive,and wants to break free. Until later,she trills,and hares off to acting classes in Australia. Mr Dependable cannot deal with this,and takes off in hot pursuit. He says yes,she says no. He says please,please,she says s–w you. She trots out one silly excuse after another; he is still besotted. It rapidly gets to the point when you want to tell them to hurry it up and get it done and over with so we can go home,already.


Much of the film busies itself with a colourful brother-sister duo ( Goswami and Urs),whose beach shack Abhay and Aliya fetch up at to exchange dialogue which pretends to be zingy but ends up making you wonder just who writes these lines,and for whom. Aliya has a mother ( Tagore) who for some inexplicable reason stops her from doing what she wants,and then says,go beta ,do what your heart tells you to. Abhay has a much divorced bua ( Dubey) who tells him that marriage is like jumping off a balcony,but that never stopped her from leaping. You don’t say.

‘Break Ke Baad’ is the latest in the long line of recent Bollywood rom coms which starts off with what must have seemed like a good idea on paper,but comes off looking and feeling lame. Some smart chatter,a heroine trying too hard to be perky and pesky and lovable,and a hero who’s just trying to keep his head above the water,do not a good romance make. I’m coming around to the belief that Padukone,who can make a sack look good but for some inexplicable reason is dressed in really short shorts through the film,can’t dredge up any real passion. And Khan needs to be stretched much more than this to deliver something he hasn’t done before.