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Tuesday, March 02, 2021

Blank movie review: Far too generic

Blank movie review: Blank which emphasizes its over-used thrust - Islamic ‘aatankwaad' threatening the unity and integrity of ‘akhand’ Bharat - comes off as far too generic

Rating: 1.5 out of 5
Written by Shubhra Gupta | New Delhi |
Updated: May 3, 2019 4:03:38 pm
blank movie review Blank movie review: Karan Kapadia will need to work hard on emoting skills.

Blank movie cast: Karan Kapadia, Sunny Deol, Ishita Dutta, Jameel Khan
Blank movie director: Behzad Khambata
Blank movie rating: One and a half stars

A human bomb is created to trigger potential blasts in Mumbai: on this premise a two-hour film is stretched, and filled with a debutant actor supported by a veteran action hero, ‘tukde tukde’ gangs plotting the destruction of India, and brave cops keeping us safe.

The trick to making us swallow improbable ploys is slick treatment, and keeping everything moving chop-chop. On both counts, the film largely draws a blank.

The pace and plot both sag, as we keep circling back to the nightmarish dreams that visit Hanif (Kapadia) as he deals with a bump on his head and a memory lapse on his way to achieve his dastardly mission, ATS chief Diwan (Deol) flexing his vocal cords and barking orders at his team, a posse of cops in swish uniforms and ponytails running around Mumbai trying to crack the case, and characters barking ‘abort’, ‘clear’ and ‘go’, all very Hollywood style.

Kapadia, son of Simple, nephew of Dimple, fares well enough when he is throwing his punches, but will need to work hard on emoting skills. Back in the day, a star launch would almost always be a romance. Now it can be action, so we get plenty of it, but if the first-timer cannot hack it alone, he needs to be backed up. Deol does the buffering. That beefy scowl is still usefully in play, but how many times can you do a slo mo stride down a corridor and grab our attention?

Finally, the film which emphasizes its over-used thrust –Islamic ‘aatankwaad’ threatening the unity and integrity of ‘akhand’ Bharat—comes off as far too generic. A kohl-eyed Islamist (Khan) brainwashing young boys and turning them towards ‘jihad’? Done to death. A suicide bomber? Even more so.

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