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Wednesday, July 18, 2018

100% Love

100% Love marks the debut of actor Jeet as co-producer. And it seems like his move will pay off.

Written by Shoma A. Chatterji | Mumbai | Published: February 3, 2012 5:09:25 pm

Direction: Ravi Kinagi

Music: Jeet Ganguly and Samidh Mukherji

Cast: Jeet,Koel Mullick,Sujoy,Supriyo Dutta,Biswajit Chakraborty,Biswanath Bose,Moushumi Saha and others

100% Love marks the debut of actor Jeet as co-producer. And it seems like his move will pay off. He has hit the target both as actor and co-producer. Looks like the film will be noticed even in the villages as the first half is targetted at the metros while the second half addresses the semi-urban and rural masses.

This strategy works fine as the first half explores the multiple shades of a father-son relationship that moves from hatred to love. This has been wonderfully essayed by Rahul (Jeet) as the son and his father played by Supriyo Dutta.

The father dies of shock after being slapped,albeit by mistake,by Anuradha (Koel Mullick). She is Rahul’s boss and is responsible for having changed his erratic ways. He falls for her right from the moment he had set eyes on her. Unfortunately, it’s a one-sided love story.

Post-interval,the film takes us on a rocky journey with Rahul,who is taken along by his close friend (Sujoy) to the latter’s ancestral house. There Rahul learns that the girl Sujoy is engaged to is none other than Anuradha who cannot walk out of the marriage because she has to remain loyal to the family headed by a Hitler-like patriarch (Biswajit Chakraborty).

The second half is masala fare with Rahul fighting with ruffians at a Holi do. There is a hilarious character of a teenager who has a huge crush on Rahul. This episode takes amusing potshots at the Hindi masala film and has been delineated well by the young girl. After a point,one tends to get tired of watching bejewelled ladies in heavy saris,who merely appear at the beck and call of Hitler,but have no constructive work.

100% Love is Jeet’s show all the way. He explores the multiple perspectives of the character from a lovelorn young man to an action hero with equal ease. Koel Mullick as Anuradha also has a layered role but falls short of her co-actor’s performance perhaps because of the script. Jeet Ganguly’s and Samidh Mukherjee’s musical score is good. Biswajit Chakraborty and Biswanath Bose are good in cameos.

Ratings : The three stars go to Jeet and Supriyo Dutta for their wonderful performances,followed by the entertaining screenplay and lilting music.

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