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Wednesday, April 01, 2020

Revathy, Padmapriya and Parvathy take on AMMA at WCC press conference: Highlights

WCC press meet: Here's what members of Women in Cinema Collective (WCC) are saying at a press conference in Kochi.

Written by Manoj Kumar R | Bengaluru | Updated: October 13, 2018 5:56:58 pm
wcc WCC is a group comprising of female members of Mollywood.

Women in Cinema Collective (WCC) on Saturday held a press conference at Ernakulam press club in Kochi, Kerala. WCC is a group comprising of female members of the Malayalam film industry. The goal of WCC is to create a positive atmosphere for the women members of the film fraternity and address gender-related issues.

Earlier today, WCC announced the press conference on their Facebook page, saying, “WCC will be holding a press conference this evening 4pm at Ernakulam press club. We cordially invite all our media fraternity to be a part of this event. The event will be live streamed on Facebook. Thank you! Disclaimer: Press conference restricted for members of media!”

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Read all the updates from Women in Cinema Collective (WCC) press conference. Read updates in Malayalam.


    17:34 (IST)13 Oct 2018
    WCC press conference ends

    In a week or two we will take the next steps, says Women in Cinema Collective.

    Press meet ends.

    17:31 (IST)13 Oct 2018
    I feel verbally raped 100 times every day, says WCC’s social media manager

    WCC’s social media manager gets emotional recalling the amount of abuses the members face on Facebook. 'I feel verbally raped 100 times every day, " she says.

    17:24 (IST)13 Oct 2018
    A small-time actor recounts her uncomfortable experience

    A small-time actor and a member of the WCC says she filed a complaint with Film Employees Federation of Kerala about an uncomfortable experience she faced when working in Mammootty starrer Pullikkaran Staraa. The accused was a production controller, but no action was taken against him. While I am still struggling to find jobs, he is thriving, says the woman.

    17:15 (IST)13 Oct 2018
    In Mollywood, the filmmakers announce movies with the accused, says Rima Kallingal

    In Bollywood, Aamir Khan drops out of a film because the director was accused of sexual harassment. Akshay Kumar did the same with Houseful 4. MAMI cancelled screening of movies of the accused. But only in Malayalam, the filmmakers announce movies with the accused, says Rima Kallingal.

    17:11 (IST)13 Oct 2018
    WCC is being seen as a threat, says Bina Paul

    Since its inception, the WCC is being seen as a threat by other film bodies in the industry. We wrote to all organisations for the cooperation to address all issues of women and make it a better work space but none of them responded to us, says Bina Paul.

    17:04 (IST)13 Oct 2018
    EC flouted all rules for Dileep

    Padmapriya says the EC flouted all the rules of the AMMA to accommodate Dileep.

    17:02 (IST)13 Oct 2018
    We lost faith in the leadership of AMMA, says Parvathy

    We lost the faith in the leadership of AMMA. But we still have faith in AMMA as an organisation, says Parvathy.

    17:00 (IST)13 Oct 2018
    Mollywood not a big happy family

    We want to expose that the industry is not a big happy family that you are led to believe, says Parvathy.

    16:58 (IST)13 Oct 2018
    We are not resigning, says Bina Paul

    We are not resigning, and we are not doing MeToo just now. This press meet is just the beginning, says Bina Paul.

    16:57 (IST)13 Oct 2018
    We are not here to shame the industry, says Bina Paul

    We are not here to shame the industry. Yes, we are aware of many stories which will come out soon. It's not a threat. But we are here to stand by the survivor, who has lost her livelihood, says Bina Paul.

    16:53 (IST)13 Oct 2018
    We are here to fight, says Remya Nambeesan

    We are here to fight. And it's just a beginning, says Remya Nambeesan, explaining why she quit AMMA.

    16:51 (IST)13 Oct 2018
    What are we giving the survivor in return, asks Revathy.

    The survivor showed courage. And what are we giving her in return, says Revathy.

    16:49 (IST)13 Oct 2018
    I want to make the industry a safe place for everyone, says Revathy

    It's about time we bring about a change. I have a daughter. She may also join the industry. I have children of my friends working here already. I want to make the industry a safe place for everyone, says Revathy.

    16:48 (IST)13 Oct 2018
    Survivor and three female actors asked to send in an application for reinstatement

    In the recent letter, we were told if the survivor and three other women actors want to rejoin the AMMA, they should send in an application and the EC will send it to the general body for consideration, recalls Revathy.

    16:45 (IST)13 Oct 2018
    AMMA kept procrastinating, says Parvathy

    At emergency meeting, we were made to feel that an historic result will be made today. We even took suggestion from Vrinda Grover. But they kept procrastinating. We trusted them. I think it was just a cover up to stop us from talking to public or media, says Parvathy.

    16:40 (IST)13 Oct 2018
    We feel disrespected, says Parvathy

    We feel disrespected, insulted and angry, says Parvathy.

    16:39 (IST)13 Oct 2018
    There is deep misogyny, says Padmapriya

    This is a joke. There is deep misogyny. Who are they trying to fool?, says Padmapriya.

    16:38 (IST)13 Oct 2018
    AMMA invokes bylaws when it comes to survivors’ reinstatement

    The accused is not suspended or has not resigned. The survivor has resigned but the AMMA invokes bylaws when asked if they will reinstate her, says Padmapriya.

    16:36 (IST)13 Oct 2018
    AMMA is also victim shamming, says Padmapriya

    AMMA not just taking the side of the accused, it is also victim shamming, says Padmapriya

    16:35 (IST)13 Oct 2018
    AMMA hiding behind the bylaws, says Padmapriya

    AMMA hiding behind the bylaws. They are trying to protect the accused, says Padmapriya.