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Facilitating unusual content one of my prerogatives: Prithviraj on turning producer

The 36-year-old actor Prithviraj Sukumaran is making his production debut with sci-fi horror thriller Nine. Through his banner Prithviraj Production, he wishes to provide a platform to "good and unusual" content. Nine is slated to release on February 7.

prithviraj sukumaran starrer Nine
Prithviraj Sukumaran’s Nine is scheduled to release on February 7.

South star Prithviraj Sukumaran says as someone who has always been immersed into the craft of filmmaking, turning producer was an organic decision.

The actor, who is making his production debut with sci-fi horror thriller Nine, says through his banner Prithviraj Production he wishes to provide a platform to “good and unusual” content.

“I have always believed that facilitating good, unusual content should be one of my prerogatives as someone who has spent half his life in cinema. Today I’m in a position in the industry where I can do it.

“When the script of Nine came along, I saw that there’s a possibility of making something that is genuinely new and entertaining at the same time. I thought this is project with which I should launch my company,” Prithviraj told PTI in a telephonic interview from Kochi.


The actor also stars in Nine, which has been directed by Jenuse Mohamed.

The movie is being co-produced by Sony Pictures India and marks the studio’s maiden venture into the south industry.

The film is a troubled father-son story set against the backdrop of a global event that takes place over the period of nine days.

Prithviraj plays Albert Louis, an astrophysicist working in a fictitious institute called ISRC.

“The event happens within the domain of his expertise. That’s how his life becomes interlinked with the phenomenon,” he says of his role.

This year is special for the actor not only as an up-and-coming producer but also because he is set to make his directorial debut with political thriller Lucifer, starring Mohanlal.

But acting will always be “home” for Prithviraj.

“Even as an actor, much before I turned director or producer, I was somebody who was very involved with every film I was doing. I would pretty much be a part of a project from the time they toss the ball to the marketing. It’s very simple.

“I act, produce and direct. They are three different jobs all within the same realm of creativity. I enjoy all of them equally but ultimately I’m an actor. I’ll hopefully keep producing and directing films, but I’ll always come back to acting.”

He says besides the elements of science fiction and horror, Nine goes into the psychological thriller zone.

The 36-year-old actor says the film is “educational” and hopes if children could also watch the movie.

“I really wish people come with their families to watch the film. It will be nice if kids can come and see the film. It has an engaging story and an interesting visual narrative. I would want to see this new kind of cinema becoming successful,” he says.

Several stars such as Rajinikanth, Kamal Haasan and Prakash Raj have taken the political plunge ahead of Lok Sabha polls this year, but Prithviraj says he has no such ambitions.

“I really do not have the aptitude for politics,” he adds.

The actor, however, stands by his Nine co-star Prakash Raj and praises him for “walking the talk”.

“I have complete respect for the fact that he has a political stand and he’s thrown his conviction behind it. Even if you don’t agree with his thoughts, you have to hand it to the man that he’s actually walking the talk.


“I know how strongly Prakash feels about issues surrounding him and the current political scenario. I wish him all the best, I wish he succeeds. I hope he has the power and machinery with which he can execute his ideas. I know that some of those ideas are quite interesting,” he says.

Nine is slated to be released on February 7.