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Odiyan review and release Highlights: Mohanlal’s film opens to mixed reviews

Odiyan movie release highlights: Here's what celebrities, critics and fans said about Odiyan, starring Mohanlal, Prakash Raj and Manju Warrier among others.

Odiyan movie review and release live updates
Odiyan movie review and release highlights: Mohanlal starrer Odiyan is helmed by VA Shrikumar Menon.

Starring Mohanlal, Odiyan, with elements of supernatural folklore, is being touted as the most expensive Malayalam film ever. The film marks the directorial debut of VA Shrikumar Menon, who is a well-known ad filmmaker. The director has even called Odiyan a superhero hero film. Odiyan has already crossed the Rs 100 crore mark with just its pre-release deals.

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Despite the BJP hartal, Odiyan will release in select theaters in Kerala. Earlier, there was some confusion as to whether the film will release or not as BJP had announced a dawn-to-dusk hartal in the state.

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Odiyan review: Our take

Indianexpress.com's Manoj Kumar gave the film a one-star rating. He said, "In the opening minutes of the film, when Mohanlal’s Manikyan makes an entry, you heart fills with excitement to learn about his Odiyan’s powers. That was, as a matter of fact, the selling point of the movie. Instead, you get a Mohanlal who appears to have dressed up for a fancy-dress competition at his school for overaged men. The idea behind portraying the abilities of Odiyan is a massive let down. It, perhaps, has to do with the filmmakers’ intention to whitewash the hero hailing from a family that practices black magic."

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Mohanlal's sacrifice for Odiyan

For his role in Odiyan, Mohanlal, reportedly, lost about 18 kgs in two months. He achieved the transformation with the help of fitness experts, masseurs, yoga masters and dermatologists. His workout routine also included high-intensity exercises.

Sam CS on Odiyan

Tamil music director Sam CS  has composed the background score of Mohanlal’s Odiyan. Talking to indianexpress.com, Sam said, "The songs for Odiyan were composed earlier by M Jayachandran. But after Vikram Vedha’s release, they approached me to compose the background scrore. I had gotten several offers for just the background score, even from Bollywood, but I didn’t take it as I wanted to shoulder the entire film. But when I heard Odiyan’s script I couldn’t resist. First, it was a very unique, non-linear story. It is a thriller that needs a lot of ethnic sounds from that period and region — there was a lot of scope to experiment with old instruments intrinsic to Kerala. Moreover, I grew up in Munnar watching Malayalam cinema. To get such an out-of-box script and also debut with a Mohanlal film. It is a film to be proud of."

Odiyan earned over Rs 100 crore before its release. Here's the breakup

Satellite rights – Rs 21 crore [Asianet – Rs 14 crore, Amritha TV – Rs 7 crore]
GCC rights – Rs 2.9 crore
Other overseas rights – Rs 1.8 crore
Telugu rights – Rs 5.2 crore
Tamil rights – Rs 4 crore
ROI rights – Rs 2 crore
Audio & other rights – Rs 1.8 crore
Theatre advance – Rs 17 crore
Hindi rights + Satellite rights – Rs 4 crore
Tamil satellite rights – Rs 3 crore
Telugu satellite rights – Rs 3 crore
Fans Shows Pre-sales + Advance booking in Kerala – Rs 5 crore
Advance booking sales from UAE – GCC – Rs 5.5 crore
Advance booking sales from ROI + ROW – Rs 1 crore
Tamil remake rights – Rs 4 crore
Telugu remake rights – Rs 5 crore
Branding with Airtel SIM – Rs 5 crore
Branding with Kingfisher – Rs 3 crore
Branding with MyG, Hedge & Others – Rs 2 crore
Branding with Confident Group – Rs 3 crore
Other sponsors – Rs 2 crore

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Odiyan: Fan reviews

While @ImNidin tweeted, "Odiyan ends up being a big disappointment.Had so much potential @Mohanlal is the only positive aspect of the movie.Manju Warrier,Prakash Raj are completely wasted.Weak Script,poor execution @VA_Shrikumar you have us an explanation,big time. #Odiyan," @Im_amal963 posted on Twitter, "#Odiyan is pretty watchable movie with loads of heavy action with emotions mixed in appropriate ratio. Kudos to the director @mpadmakumar @Mohanlal @antonyperumbavoor." @jacobkorathu was also dissapointed by Odiyan, He wrote on Twitter, "Film is a mockery of the effort put in by Mohanlal. Strictly Average one. Sreekumar menon 🙏🙏🙏"

On the fence about watching Odiyan? Check out the trailer of Mohanlal's film

VA Shrikumar Menon on Odiyan

“I don’t believe that I have made a great film. But, I am sure that I have made a film that will entertain you. I consider it as my biggest blessing for the opportunity to show Mohanlal in ways that you all would like to see,” director VA Shrikumar Menon said at the audio launch of Odiyan in Dubai.

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Mohanlal fans are furious

Mohanlal fans have not taken kindly to Bhartiya Janata Party's call for a hartal in Kerala. They have filled the comments section of the party's official Facebook page with abuses.

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Hartal, what hartal?

Kerala rises early, on a hartal day, not for work, but for Mohanlal's film Odiyan.

Forum Keralam's verdict

Forum Keralam posted on Twitter, "Yes, there was potential but an ambitious project like this needs skillful men behind this. With both the writer and director failing at their job, its a collosal disappointment. Expectations were lot from Peter Hein who rocked last time with Pulimurugan. But with an ordinary work, he is also in the blacklist here. Even the much talked about 'Odi' scenes aren't convincing as most of them looks silly. Coming to the cast, all the roles are poorly etched apart from Mohanlal and a talented protagonist material like Prakash Raj is offered a plastic character which is another flaw. Technically, the visuals are top notch and Sam's bgm work is commendable but the same cannot be said about editing which acts as a villain for the films non-linear narration. And about the hero Mohanlal, we all know how much effort and pain he has gone through for this project but in the wrong hands all of that goes in vain. But his appearance is one of the few positives in this weak film."

Mohanlal fans brave hartal for Odiyan

Despite Bhartiya Janata Party’s call for a dawn-to-dusk hartal in Kerala on Friday, fans are making a beeline to select theaters screening Mohanlal’s latest release, Odiyan.

Set in the pre-electricity era, Mohanlal's Odiyan revolves around the last surviving member of the Odiyan community which once lived in Palakkad-Malabar region.