Sakhavu movie review: Nivin Pauly film is about making of a true ‘comrade’

Sakhavu movie review: Nivin Pauly film is about making of a true ‘comrade’

Sakhavu movie review: Nivin Pauly manages to tickle the audience's funny bone with his humour in this film

  • 3.0
Sakhavu movie review: Nivin Pauly plays two characters in this film.

Sakhavu movie cast: Nivin Pauly, Aparna Gopinath, Aishwarya Rajesh
Sakhavu movie director: Sidhartha Siva
Sakhavu movie rating: 3 stars

National Award winning director Sidhartha Siva’s latest movie Sakhavu (Comrade) is purely a political drama that does not dwell too much on the sorry state of the country’s political scenario. But, it reminds us of the true meaning of leadership and celebrates the lost values of the bygone era of activism. Actor Nivin Pauly plays two different characters in three different avatars in this film. Krishna Kumar is a young, power-hungry general secretary of a communist student body in Kottayam. He has his life sorted out. He is ruthless. He is pragmatic. He is self-obsessed. And he has already chalked out a detailed plan to climb his way up the food chain in the shortest time possible. Nivin’s other role is called Sakhavu Krishnabhaskar, a veteran. He is a true leader, who struggles for the rights and the welfare of the working class people and doesn’t aspire to put himself in a powerful position.

Krishna’s party office asks him to visit a hospital, where an important person, who shares his blood group, fighting for his life needs his blood. He promises his sidekick to get out of the hospital in 15 minutes but the procedures drag on. In the meantime, Krishna begins to learn about the patient in the ICU, who enjoys unconditional love and respect from common people and people in power. Krishnabhaskar is an activist, who spearheaded the communist ideology in parts of Kerala, where people were being deprived of their basic rights by their greedy bosses. His first response to a problem is dialogue. When the problem isn’t solved through talks, he has no qualms in responding to violence with violence. In the process of helping the weak and poor, he also makes some powerful enemies. The life story and struggles of Krishnabhaskar make Krishna realise the meaning of a true comrade.

Nivin’s performances in three different avatars are the highlight of the Sakhavu. The comedy is a part of the natural course of the story, where every character in the film manages to draw a few laughs. Especially, Nivin tickles the funny bone of the audience, every time he gives lessons on being a successful politician to his sidekick.

Sidhartha has written a strong screenplay, giving importance and purpose to all the characters in taking forward the story. The film’s main star cast, Aishwarya Rajesh, Aparna Gopinath among others have delivered a convincing performance. Music by Prashant Pillai is another plus. His background score and songs add layers to the film’s narration and lift up a few scenes that get a little too serious at times.


Overall, Sakhavu is a very good attempt by Sidhartha to remind people of the real purpose of politics.