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Monday, January 27, 2020

Mamangam movie review and release LIVE UPDATES

Mamangam movie review and release live updates: Here's what celebrities, critics and fans are saying about Mamangam, starring Mammootty, Unni Mukundan, Prachi Tehlan and Siddique among others.

By: Entertainment Desk | New Delhi | Updated: December 12, 2019 5:37:37 pm
Mamangam Mamangam movie release live updates: The Mammootty starrer is produced by Venu Kunnappilly.

Mammootty’s epic period drama Mamangam releases today. The big-budget film has been helmed by M Padmakumar. Earlier, Sanjeev Pillai had been roped in to direct the feature. However, due to varied reasons, the job ultimately fell into Padmakumar’s lap.

“It was done in the interest of the film. Nobody does it happily. It is not a pleasant thing to do. We were left with no option but to take that step. He (Sanjeev) went to courts, and courts upheld that whatever we did was right, including Kerala High Court. So, that’s been an unpleasant experience,” Vivek Ramadevan, Executive Producer of Mamangam, told

The film is centered around the Mamankam festival. It tells the story of ‘Chavers’ (suicide warriors) who plan to overthrow the Zamorin ruler. Apart from Mammootty, Mamangam features Unni Mukundan, Kaniha, Anu Sithara, Tarun Raj Arora, Prachi Tehlan, Sudev Nair, Suresh Krishna, Manikuttan and Siddique among others.

Earlier, while talking about the film with, Prachi Tehlan had explained how and why she thinks Mamangam is different from other historical dramas.

“Beauty of Mamangam is that it is a non-fiction film. The Malayalam film industry is very content-driven. The films are intelligently and beautifully made. People of Kerala are excited about Mamangam as the story belongs to their history but being from the North, I would like the entire country to know about the festival that was celebrated for 280 years just like Kumbh Mela in North. So, this is a story of the unsung heroes. Also, the film has been mostly shot in real locations,” Prachi said.

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    17:36 (IST)12 Dec 2019
    Mamangam: Our verdict critic Gautham VS has rated the movie 2.5 stars out of 5. In his review, he wrote, “A movie that could have narrated an intriguing story of suicidal warriors from Malabar region during the 18th century has turned out to be a collage of old school Malayalam stunt scenes, and cringe-inducing situations and dialogues which make you feel like you are watching a Malayalam serial.”

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    17:22 (IST)12 Dec 2019
    'Forgetful watch'

    “#Mamangam is really boring. A total mess. Slow pace, bad direction and screenplay, poor vfx and a lot of poorly executed actions. Songs are good, beautiful sets and colourful frames. But many shots are close-ups, which is a letdown. A forgetful watch!,” shared user @visnarayanan on Twitter.

    17:06 (IST)12 Dec 2019
    Mamangam fan review

    User @Abeyabraham369 rated the film 4 stars out of 5. On Twitter, he said, “Mammoka 😘 & Mamangam team has taken a big risk to make these type of movie especially where the trend is for new generation. My Rating : 4/5 👌 #Mamangam #MamangamReview.”

    16:50 (IST)12 Dec 2019
    'First of its kind in Malayalam'

    According to user @Mahi_Euphoria, “#Mamangam - First of its kind in Malayalam. The Makers made good efforts to deliver their best. Second half is made with more actions,  with a good climax. But a "Wow" Factor is Missing. Watchable !!.”

    16:36 (IST)12 Dec 2019
    'Treat to Indian cinema'

    User @Im_JEBIN tweeted, “We can't say it's a Mass movie. It's #History + #Class + #Mass combo👌⚔️. Once again #Megastar proved that he is the best to do historic movies. 😍 Thanks to entire crew of #Mamangam for gifting such a wonderful visual treat to #IndianCinema. #MamangamFDFS #MamangamReview.”

    16:22 (IST)12 Dec 2019
    'Mammootty is extraordinary in his role'

    “#Mamangam is good film. First half is above average and second half is good. @mammukka is extraordinary in his role and @Prachi_Tehlan is also good in her role. Rating - 3.5 star  #Mamangamreview,” posted user @ZhakkasBolly on Twitter.

    16:06 (IST)12 Dec 2019
    Mamangam fan review: second half

    User @jl_ajin shared on Twitter, “Okaish First Half Followed By Decent Second Half OverAll Avg/Abv Avg Movie Must Watch In Theature For The Visual Treat  And Performance 👍 #Mamangamreview #Mamangam #MamangamFromDec12.”

    15:57 (IST)12 Dec 2019


    15:56 (IST)12 Dec 2019


    15:50 (IST)12 Dec 2019
    'One time watch'

    Twitter user @Rahulrj_offl rated the film 3 stars out of 5. He said, “• Overall #Mamangam a decent one time watchable for achuthan and prechi tehlan. • i watched it with very less expectation and got this much. Overexpectation will disappoint you. • And Boxoffice will speak the movie verdict. #MamangamReview -3/5.”

    15:37 (IST)12 Dec 2019
    'Mammootty continues to surprise'

    “It is impressive how Malayalam cinema, with its limited budget, continues to produce which visually rich period films. What's even more impressive is how @mammukka continues to surprise even after decades in the industry… #Mamangam,” tweeted user Avinash Ramachandran.

    14:56 (IST)12 Dec 2019
    Mamangam: Fan Review

    "Watched #Mamangam. Decent movie✌️ An above average first half followed by decent second half. As usual Mamooty is superb and that lady character deserve a huge applause🙏👌unni mukundan good👍But dragging screenplay with average vfx are on negative side. Overall once watchable✌️," @RkoviperRasigan wrote on Twitter. 

    14:34 (IST)12 Dec 2019
    Actor Prachi Tehlan on Mamangam

    Prachi Tehlan who made her Malayalam film debut with Mamangam, told, "Beauty of Mamangam is that it is a non-fiction film. The Malayalam film industry is very content-driven. The films are intelligently and beautifully made. People of Kerala are excited about Mamangam as the story belongs to their history but being from the North, I would like the entire country to know about the festival that was celebrated for 280 years just like Kumbh Mela in North. So, this is a story of the unsung heroes. Also, the film has been mostly shot in real locations."

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    14:09 (IST)12 Dec 2019
    Have you listened to Mamangam song Mukkuthi?

    13:38 (IST)12 Dec 2019
    Mamangam: Early fan review

    Forum Keralam posted on Twitter, 'A true depiction of history narrated with strong characters and technical side. The emotions goes in favour of the movie while the action scenes are captured impressively. Performance wise its @mammukka once again giving his best, especially in the feminine character. Achu is superb, Unni Mukundan ample. Siddique once again shines as the antagonist. Female characters have very little to do. DOP, BGM's and couple of action sequences have come out very well with the production values being another plus point for the film.'

    13:19 (IST)12 Dec 2019
    'The world is about to witness a magnum opus of epic proportion'

    "The world is about to witness a magnum opus of epic proportion. Catch Mamangam at a theater near you. #fanboyfirst #mamangam #worldwiderelease," Dulquer Salmaan said via Facebook.

    12:58 (IST)12 Dec 2019
    Mammootty fans throng theaters to watch Mamangam
    12:34 (IST)12 Dec 2019
    Mamangam first half review
    12:16 (IST)12 Dec 2019
    Creating the world of Mamangam

    In an interview with The Week, Mamangam art director Mohandas said, "With all this background information, I made a miniature model of what was needed. As the climax scene was crucial, special care was taken for those sets. After discussions with various departments, we decided to shoot 75 percent of the film using original sets and go low on VFX and Computer Graphics as our materials used for the shoot were mostly straw, thatch and frond. The major locations chosen for constructing sets were Ottapalam and Kochi. 150 days were taken to construct the climax set at Nettoor in Kochi and around 1000 workers were involved in the works. 90 days were taken to finish the other sets and totally 750 workers (including locals) were involved in it."

    11:51 (IST)12 Dec 2019
    Venu Kunnappilly on Mamangam

    In an interview with Gulf News, Mamangam producer Venu Kunnappilly said, “I was always fond of historical stories, so when the thread of Mamangam was narrated, it piqued my interest. Mammootty plays a mysterious character with multiple looks in the film — something he has not done before.”

    11:14 (IST)12 Dec 2019
    Mamangam first half: Fan review

    Forum Keralam wrote on Twitter, "Impressive first half with scenes involving @mammukka being the highlight. Emotional factor and rich production values works in the favor. The much talked about feminine character from #Mammookka is terrific. Watch out for the dance steps. Good so far."

    10:46 (IST)12 Dec 2019
    Manju Warrier on Mamangam

    10:24 (IST)12 Dec 2019
    Watch: Fans celebrate Mamangam release
    10:09 (IST)12 Dec 2019
    Mammootty on Mamangam

    “It will be visually big but we’re not depending much on computer graphics. We are using minimal VFX. We want the film to look natural and real," Mammootty had earlier said on the film.

    09:45 (IST)12 Dec 2019
    Prachi Tehlan on preparing for Mamangam

    "While working on Ikyawann, I learnt Mohiniyattam. I used to work 13 hours a day. I would start my day by attending dance class then head to the shoot of the serial from 9 am to 9 pm. After coming back home, I used to learn Malayalam with the help of Malayali teacher Murali Krishnan. It really helped me as I could at least catch the diction," Mamangam actor Prachi Tehlan on how she prepped for her role in the period drama.

    09:23 (IST)12 Dec 2019
    Actor Gokul Suresh on Mamangam

    "The magnum opus unfolds tomorrow! May the festive #Mamangam flourish in the days ahead! Wishing all success to @mammukka, Unni ettan, Padmakumar sir, Venu sir and the entire team!" tweeted actor Gokul Suresh.

    08:57 (IST)12 Dec 2019
    Filmmaker Siddique Ismail wishes team Mamangam

    "All the very best to @mammukka and the entire team behind #Mamangam," tweeted filmmaker Siddique Ismail. 

    08:35 (IST)12 Dec 2019
    Mamangam set for a huge opening

    "Good advance bookings for #Mamangam even after massive no of shows alloted all over Kerala. All set for a huge opening. All the best for entire #Mamangam team," tweeted Kerala Box Office. 

    08:19 (IST)12 Dec 2019
    Aju Varghese on Mamangam

    Aju Varghese tweeted, "ചരിത്രദിനം !!! #Mamangam @mammukka"

    08:08 (IST)12 Dec 2019
    Mahi V Raghav on Mamangam

    Yatra director Mahi V Raghav shared on Twitter, "Wishing @mammukka sir and @MamangamTheFilm team all best. #Mamangam #MamangamFromDec12 @MammoottyMovies @MMammoottyTimes"

    07:53 (IST)12 Dec 2019
    On the fence about watching Mamangam? Check out the trailer of Mammootty's film

    07:40 (IST)12 Dec 2019
    Priyadarshan on Mamangam

    Filmmaker Priyadarshan tweeted, "Wishing the very best to @mammukka and the whole crew of ‘#Mamangam’"

    07:26 (IST)12 Dec 2019
    Mamangam Kerala theater list
    07:11 (IST)12 Dec 2019
    Mamangam makers take on film pirates

    Film trade analyst Ramesh Bala posted on Twitter, "The producer of #Mamangam, Venu Kunnappilly, has approached the Madras High Court seeking it to take serious action against pirate websites and Telegram channels— a good move by the team. #MamangamFromDec12"

    While the principal photography had begun in February 2018 itself, after a new director was brought in, the filming began again from scratch in January 2019. The film had entered its last leg of shoot in May this year.

    Earlier, while speaking to PTI, Mammootty had said, "It is a big episode to be remembered and sadly not much movies are made on it. Movies are the best medium to teach and let people know about history. It is a period film but not folklore. It is about the fight between two groups and about justice, which should be delivered."

    Mamangam has been bankrolled by Venu Kunnappilly with a script by Sanjeev Pillai. The songs have been composed by M Jayachandran.