It is my dream to do a film with Mammookka: Manju Warrier

It is my dream to do a film with Mammookka: Manju Warrier

Manju Warrier on the response to her latest release Lucifer, her debut Tamil film Asuran and Mammootty.

Manju Warrier
Manju Warrier’s Lucifer hit screens on March 28. (Photo: Manju Warrier/Facebook)

How is the response to Lucifer?

Lucifer is getting a positive response. The audience is also sharing interesting observations regarding the movie. The confidence that Raju (Prithviraj) had while shooting the movie and the way he handled the movie gave confidence and hope to all of us. We commit to every movie with the hope and prayer that it should turn out to be a hit. But the result depends upon the tastes and attitude of the audience. When a movie is welcomed wholeheartedly by the audience, it gives us immense pleasure.

What were the takeaways from Lucifer?

Lucifer had lot of expectations attached to it. Everybody is aware of the passion, wisdom and technical knowledge that Raju has about cinema. The passion he has for cinema is evident from his interviews. We were interested to know how he was going to implement the passion and knowledge into his cinema. Also, how Raju was going to use an actor like Mohanlal. This was actually not only the concern of people within the industry but also the audience outside the film fraternity. When the movie garnered great reviews in the first day itself, it filled our heart with joy.

Can you tell us something about your debut Tamil film Asuran?


I can’t say much about the movie now. We have only completed two schedules. It will take more time to reach the theaters. If I have to comment about Asuran, I would point out the combination of Vetrimaaran and Dhanush, which is loved by the audience. The movies they done together have received much appreciation at the national level. It is my colleagues who are more excited than me regarding my role in a Vetrimaaran directed Dhanush movie. Malayalam industry also enjoys that combination. So, I hope the movie turns out to be good when I am also a part of it.

Vetrimaaran’s previous movies were based on male centered themes. He mentioned in one of his interviews that he was trying to direct movies which gave importance to women also. Asuran is the continuation of those efforts. In this context, what is your take on Asuran?

It is a beautiful thought from Vetrimaaran, isn’t it? They announced the movie by including my name in the poster. According to Tamil cinema routine, it was enough to state “Dhanush-Asuran”. But, when they included my name, I felt that it was also part of the respect that they had for Malayalam cinema.

They discuss about our industry with much respect and love during the intervals that we have had during our shoot. Starting from Mohanlal and Mammootty, they keenly observe even the new generation actors of our industry. That is definitely because of the respect that they have for our industry. Right from the time they announced the movie, many people have approached me and told me about the importance that I have been given in the movie. These are rare tendencies. And, I consider myself lucky to be a part of it

With your Kollywood debut, your career is entering another phase. Now you are a part of multi-starrer movies like Lucifer unlike your previous women centric roles in Saira Banu, How Old are you? and Mohanlal. What kind of movies do you envision in your journey forward?

Earlier also I have done all kinds of movies. The women centric movies happened in between, that’s all. I have worked in Ennum Eppozhum and Odiyan with Lalettan and Rani Padmini and Vetta with Rima Kallingal.

Independent movies like Saira Banu were appreciated by the audience, maybe that’s why they are still remembered. I think I am lucky that directors have only called me for characters who had a purpose, or who leave a mark. My character should have an importance in the movie and the audience should remember the character even after they leave the theaters. I love to do such characters and that is the basis on which I select characters.

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You have done a lot of movies with Mohanlal, but none with Mammootty. Earlier also you have mentioned many times about how much you would love to act with him. Should the audience expect such a movie in the near future?

I haven’t acted in a lot of movies with Lalettan. Only seven, I guess. It is my dream to do a film with Mammookka. I am waiting for that to happen. I pray that Mammooka gives a positive nod and let that project happen soon.

What are your upcoming projects?

We have completed the shooting for Kunjali Marakkar recently. The shooting for Asuran is going on. I have not committed to any new movies.