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Friday, October 23, 2020

Mahesh Narayanan on C U Soon: People are connecting with the emotion of the film

Starring Fahadh Faasil, Roshan Mathew and Darshana Rajendran in the lead roles, C U Soon is streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

Written by Manoj Kumar R | Bengaluru | Updated: September 18, 2020 7:09:42 pm
C U Soon director Mahesh NarayananMahesh Narayanan's C U Soon is streaming on Amazon Prime Video. (Photos: The Cue/YouTube, Amazon Prime Video)

Filmmaker Mahesh Naryanan is feeling a mix of great joy and immense responsibility after his latest film C U Soon received unanimous praise from critics and the audience. The film was conceived as an experimental project by Mahesh and Fahadh Faasil after the release of their film Malik was postponed due to the COVID-induced lockdown. The director-actor duo had no idea how the film would turn out as they had no prior knowledge of dealing with its unique format.

“I am feeling great. People are connecting with the main emotion of the movie without worrying too much about its format,” Mahesh told

It seems that Mahesh Naryanan picked up most of the ideas for this movie while talking about cyber-security with his wife and her friends. “My wife works in the IT sector. Some of her friends used to talk about how some start-up companies would collect data about people through their social media profiles. It’s not legal but some people do that. And Kevin Thomas (Fahadh Faasil) has some ethical reasons for not doing that. That’s why when Jimmy’s mother asks him to look into Anu’s digital database, he is not willing to do that. Only Sanjana does it,” he noted.

C U Soon was shot entirely with an iPhone following the COVID-19 protocols. Given the new format, the cast and crew had a slew of new problems to solve every day on the sets. “We all (the cast and crew) had to assemble under one roof for this film. Each and every character was available on the sets every day,” he recalled, adding that actors on the sets were helping each other to perform the scenes better.

“The challenge was they can’t shift their look away from the monitor. Inside the screen, we also had given different marking points for Anu, Jimmy and other characters. And then there were other points of focus for WhatsApp and Facebook windows,” Mahesh said, adding that the actors were asked to perform their scenes just looking at the one particular spot on the screen. “In that way, it was very complicated for them. But, once they got used to it, they were able to handle it easily,” he added.

Not just the shooting part, even editing this movie provided Mahesh Naryanan with a unique learning experience.

“It was not the regular editing process. Normally, when you conceive a film, you will plan a set of shots even before you go to shoot. And you capture a scene from different angles and edit them later. But, here an actor should perform an entire scene completely. Because there is no option like just do the scene till this point in one angle and we can continue the scene in the next shot from another angle,” he said.

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The virtual cinematography, adding a close-up shot, wide-angle shot, zooming-in and zooming-out, was done at the editing table.

“The process of virtual cinematography comes after the editing process. If I show the audience just the screen for the entire duration of the film, it won’t be that engaging. I added cinematic elements to it after the editing,” he recalled.

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Starring Fahadh Faasil, Roshan Mathew and Darshana Rajendran in the lead roles, C U Soon is streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

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