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Dileep plays ‘local superhero’ in Parakkum Pappan

Parakkum Pappan will be helmed by Viyaan Vishnu. Dileep's Graand Production is co-producing the film with Carnival Motion Pictures.

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Dileep shared Parakkum Pappan’s poster. (Photo: Dileep/Facebook)

Actor Dileep recently announced his next film titled Parakkum Pappan, which roughly translates to ‘Flying Pappan.’ He also shared the film’s poster designed like a graphic novel, in which a cape-donning person flies towards the sun as the villagers look in awe. ‘A local superhero’ reads the tagline in the poster.

Parakkum Pappan will be directed by Viyaan Vishnu and Dileep’s Graand Production is co-producing the film with Carnival Motion Pictures. The actor will join the sets after completing his two ongoing projects.

Dileep continues to work in films unfazed by the criminal charges he has been facing in connection with last year’s attack on a female actor. He has been accused of masterminding the kidnap and sexual assault of the victim to settle his personal scores. The actor even spent 85 days in prison and is now out on bail.

Soon after his release, Dileep resumed shooting for his pending films. This year his big-budget film Kammara Sambhavam released. He is currently shooting for Kodathi Samaksham Balan Vakkeel. The film, directed by B Unnikrishnan, has Dileep playing a lawyer. It also stars Saiju Kurup, Mamta Mohandas and Priya Anand among others.


Kodathi Samaksham Balan Vakkeel will hit the screens on February 21.

He is also simultaneously shooting for Professor Dinkan, a 3D movie, which will mark the directorial debut of cinematographer Ramachandra Babu.