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Wonder Woman 1984: Kristen Wiig’s villain Barbara looks quite harmless in this first look

Wonder Woman 1984 director Petty Jenkins reveals first look of Kristen Wiig as Barbara Minerva aka supervillain Cheetah. Sequel to the 2017 movie, DC's Wonder Woman 1984 releases in November 2019.

kristen wiig as cheetah in wonder woman 1984
Kristen Wiig as super-villain Cheetah in Wonder Woman 1984

After the success of Wonder Woman, Wonder Woman 1984 has become the most awaited DC film. So far, this is the only franchise that has worked for DCEU and we are hopeful that the sequel will do wonders as well. Uptil now, we have seen some stills from the movie. Gal Gadot’s look as Wonder Woman has already been released for the film that is set during the 1980s.

Ever since the announcement of Kristen Wiig as the main villain for Wonder Woman 1984, fans have been wondering how Kristen would perform as Cheetah. Now, director Patty Jenkins has introduced the villain of Wonder Woman 1984 on Twitter. Cheetah, played by, Kristen Wiig was introduced on Twitter with the caption, “Enter Barbara Minerva…#WW84”.

The picture shows Kristen Wiig as Barbara Minerva in what appears to be National History Museum. Kristen appears pretty unthreatening looking at the museum artefacts in her 80s style look. In the comics, Cheetah is considered to be one of Wonder Woman’s arch enemies and in her life as Barbara Minerva, she is a British archaeologist and heir to a large estate and fortune. The image undoubtedly reflects the archaeological aspect of the character and it would be interesting to see her transformation to the alter ego Cheetah possessing superhuman strength and agility.

In the stills that were released earlier, we saw Chris Pine and it looks like he will be reprising his role but how he looks just as young as he did in the prequel is something that we will know only after watching the film.

Wonder Woman 1984 is being currently shot in Washington DC. But for now, Kristen Wiig’s Barbara Minerva has done its job of making fans all over the world inquisitive and hungry for more.

DC’s Wonder Woman: 1984 will hit theatres in November 2019.