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Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Venom’s new trailer makes us wish this Tom Hardy film is R-rated

Venom's latest trailer shows Tom Hardy's antihero once again struggling with new occupant of his body. Although I am still torn as to whether this movie is actually necessary solid technical aspects of this film make it an interesting proposition.

Written by Kshitij Rawat | New Delhi | Updated: August 1, 2018 11:02:02 am
venom's new trailer shows tom hardy's spider-man antihero New Venom trailer is pretty damn good.

Sony’s Venom has got a new trailer and it has lots of new things. We get a more detailed look at the Spider-Man villain/antihero played by Tom Hardy. There is also a fleeting look at Riz Ahmed’s Riot squaring off with Venom. The trailer begins with Eddie Brock (Venom’s alter-ego) struggling with the symbiote that has taken control over his body. Symbiotes are amorphous, parasitic beings that are perpetually searching for new hosts.

While the symbiote is a virus, Eddie likes the power it brings. “It’s not completely awful,” he tells a horrified Anne Weying (Michelle Williams). Riz Ahmed’s Carlton Drake, the man who found the symbiotes in the first place, is fed up of human beings. “The planet is on the brink of a collapse. Human beings are disposable. But man and symbiote combined… this is a new race, new species. A higher life form.”

One of the symbiote attaches itself to Eddie, who has a way of understating things. “I found something really bad,” he says presumably to Anne. Then the usual visuals of Eddie struggling with the new occupant of his body follow. He likes the power but is still repelled by the symbiote. “We cannot just hurt people,” Eddie says to the symbiote, but reluctantly as if his conscience is compelling him. “Look into my eyes, Eddie. The way I see it, we can do whatever we want,” the symbiote replies.

At one point, Eddie faces a squad of SWAT officers, to which he pleads, “Guys, you do not wanna do this, trust me.” I am assuming the poor officers get slaughtered. There is a glimpse of Riz Ahmed’s Riot. He seems to be overpowering Venom.

The CGI is really good and for the first time it seems we will get a live-action Venom that is done right. Although I am still torn as to whether this movie is actually necessary and whether Venom is interesting enough without Spider-Man, solid technical aspects of this film make it an interesting proposition. Just throw in Carnage and make it R-rated, and I am game.

The most striking scene in the trailer comes in the end. Venom has a dude in his grip and seems to be relishing the concept of gobbling him up. “We will eat both of your arms, and then both of your legs. And then we will eat your face right off your head. And then you’ll be this armless, legless and faceless thing, won’t you?”

The man, who is in Venom’s grip believing every word coming out of that creature of nightmares, asks what he is. “We are Venom,” comes the reply.

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