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Watch these 10 zombie TV shows before Betaal

Betaal is an upcoming Netflix horror series starring Viineet Kumar, Aahana Kumra, Suchitra Pillai and Jitendra Joshi. Before watching the desi zombie series, let's check out the ten best zombie shows.

best zombie tv shows Here are the top 10 zombie shows ever made.

Betaal is an upcoming Netflix horror series starring Viineet Kumar, Aahana Kumra, Suchitra Pillai and Jitendra Joshi.

The official synopsis of Betaal reads, “Betaal takes you into the world of evil zombies while they battle with the CIPD (Counter Insurgency Police Department) forces. The breathless battle between the undead army and CIPD forces, leaves the hapless civilians trapped and in danger, leaving you wanting for more.”

Before watching the desi zombie drama, let’s check out the ten best zombie shows.

1. Game of Thrones

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Game of Thrones zombies The White Walkers in Game of Thrones. (Photo: HBO)

Yes, not a typical zombie drama, but the White Walkers were pretty deadly zombies, particularly because quasi-medieval world (inspired by England and Scotland) did not have guns, rocket launchers and other advanced weapons to defeat them. The living only had swords, spears and other melee weapons apart from bows and arrows. No, we are NOT going to talk about how unceremoniously the conflict was resolved in the final season.

2. The Walking Dead

One of the longest runnings horror shows, the quality of The Walking Dead varies, and some argue it has overstayed its welcome. But at its best, it was super-immersive. The characters’ biggest enemies, despite a zombie apocalypse, were not the undead but fellow humans. Andrew Lincoln’ Rick Grimes, a former sheriff, led a band of survivors who first tried to be safe before trying to build a community since they saw no cure for the infection.

3. The Returned

When a loved one dies, people mourn them. And they often say, “I wish they would return!” But they don’t want that, not really. What is dead, should stay dead. Otherwise, there arises a whole lot of complications as shown in The Returned, an American remake of French original Les Revenants.

4. Fear the Walking Dead

The Walking Dead’s spinoff series recounts the early days of the zombie apocalypse that the original series skipped. It is basically the same series with a different setting and characters.

5. Kingdom

Kingdom A promotional poster of Netflix’s Kingdom. (Photo: Netflix)

South Korean zombie drama Kingdom is an illustrious new addition to the zombie genre. Set in the late 16th century, during the Joseon period a few years after the Japanese invasion, the show is written by Kim Eun-hee.

6. iZombie

If only the zombies in The Walking Dead knew they would not lose their wits if they had a ready supply of human brains! At least that is the premise of this show, which is equal parts horrifying and funny (uproariously so). If you liked horror comedies like Shaun of the Dead and Zombie Island, you can’t go wrong with this one.

7. Ash vs Evil Dead

Set three decades after the Evil Dead movies, this comedy-horror series has Bruce Campbell reprising the role of Ash Campbell. Sam Raimi, who directed the first three Evil Dead movies, has developed Ash vs Evil Dead.

8. American Gods

This dazzlingly beautiful Neil Gaiman adaptation is not specifically about zombies, but there is one notable character who comes back to life and is basically a zombie (an undead, rotting corpse) with consciousness.

9. Black Summer

The standard yet thrilling zombie apocalypse series has a woman being separated from her daughter. She goes on a journey to find her, determined to be reunited come hell or high water.

10. Freakish

This Hulu series is about a group of students who get trapped inside their school, as people and their schoolmates turn into cannibalistic creatures after the fumes from an exploded chemical plant come into contact with them.

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