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Sunday, July 22, 2018

Thor Ragnarok vs Justice League: Which superhero battle are you excited about?

Thor Ragnarok is enjoying a clear advantage in this Avengers vs Justice League fight but can Batman and squad surprise us still?

Written by Samarpita Das | New Delhi | Updated: April 11, 2017 12:15:56 pm
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You cannot be a comic-book nerd if you have never debated who will win if the Justice League went against the Avengers. It is a debate that has neatly drawn line that separates Marvel fans from DC acolytes. It may or may not end with a hug-out but the fight is no less than the gladiatorial fight between The Hulk and Thor in the Thor Ragnarok trailer. And yes, my superhero is better than yours.

The trailer of DC Comic’s Justice League released a few weeks ago and now Marvel’s Thor Ragnarok has got everyone wondering what happened to Chris Hemsworth’s hair, and hammer, and life? Because, he is, you know, basically a god. But who would get the bigger share of the pie?

For many reasons, you can say Justice League has higher chances of losing this battle. In 2016, we couldn’t have been more disappointed with Batman Vs Superman: Dawn Of Justice and then Suicide Squad landed. It may have had its points but it was largely a disappointment. Meanwhile, Marvel has been a winner all along. Known for telling stories about clearly delineated heroes and villains with a generous dash of humour, they have managed to turn the Avengers into a worldwide fixation and the franchise itself becoming the most profitable in the world.

When you watch Captain America: Civil War, you understand why Iron Man is fighting Captain America. Now shift your gaze to Dawn of Justice and Batman comes across as a classroom bully as he takes on Superman. And then, there is the Martha moment!

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The trailer of Justice League, however, has its redeeming points and again had us excited. But fans who were burned by Dawn of Justice will need more reasons to return to theatres. Ragnarok, like Spiderman: Homecoming before it, has everything going for it. To begin with, we cannot understand why Thor has fallen from grace. Then there is Loki and now that is one bromance between fans and him that is far from over. Hulk walks into this melee and our cup of joy is already flowing over. But we have saved the best for the last and that is Cate Blanchett.’s Hela. If Marvel has one shortcoming in its films, it is the lack of good villains. The last one who could stand up to its line-up of superheroes was Tom Hiddleston’s Loki and the trailer proves that Blanchett’s Hela may be the best since then. And how will the Asgardian fare against this goddess?

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Which battle would you rather watch — Thor Ragnarok or Justice League? Oh wait, there is Guardians of Galaxy Vol 2 too? Now that is a completely different story!

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