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Sunday, January 26, 2020

Thor Ragnarok bonus scene: This is why this film was awesome

Marvel Studios has released an extended scene that encapsulates everything that we loved about Thor: Ragnarok.

By: Express Web Desk | New Delhi | Updated: February 18, 2018 9:03:08 am
thor ragnarok bonus scene Thor Ragnarok followed the tradition of Guardians of the Galaxy and was almost self-parody.

Thor Ragnarok was certainly one of the funniest superhero films of all time. Disney and Marvel studios have allowed directors to do their thing in movies and do not interfere (something Warner Bros and DC could learn). This is why Marvel Cinematic Universe movies are so different in their tone even though they are a part of one big story. Some movies in MCU like Guardians of the Galaxy are so funny that they almost seem self-parodies.

Thor Ragnarok was a movie that kept up with the tradition Guardians of the Galaxy established. But it went one step further. Instead of just staying hilarious and light-toned, it went into the realm of absolutely bonkers. And the craziest part of this nuttiest superhero film was the one involving Jeff Goldblum’s deranged Grandmaster. Everything associated with this character, including the planet Sakaar, was mad, but in a fun way.

Marvel Studios has released an extended scene that encapsulates everything that we loved about the film. The scene involves the Grandmaster punishing his wayward cousin. If you remember, Grandmaster “pardoned” his cousin in a crazy way in the film. In this bonus scene, there is a bit of context.

Whilst we saw Grandmaster doing… well, something, with the tentacle things in a deleted scene a few days back, this time it seems there are furry creatures engaging in some PG-13 content with each other all around Grandmaster and Thor. The former is explaining how things work in Sakaar and who he is. The entire scene is something no “normal” director would shoot. Oh boy, aren’t we glad that Taika Watiti shot this?

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