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The Matrix Resurrections trailer takeaways: Neo and Trinity, Priyanka Chopra’s mysterious character

The Matrix Resurrections looks great. If you did not like the sequels and prefer only the original movie, then also it appears you are not going to want to miss Resurrections. Here is everything we need to talk about in the trailer:

The Matrix ResurrectionsCatch The Matrix Resurrections on December 22. (Photo: Warner Bros)

The first trailer for The Matrix Resurrections debuted on Thursday. The fourth film in the popular science-fiction action series brings back Lana Wachowski, one half of the Wachowskis who helmed the previous three installments.

Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss return as Neo and Trinity. Jada Pinkett Smith is back as Niobe. Priyanka Chopra, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, Jessica Henwick, Neil Patrick Harris, and Jonathan Groff are also part of the film’s cast.

The film looks great. If you are not a fan of sequels, The Matrix Resurrections still seems like a film you should give a chance to.

Also, true to a Matrix movie, the action scenes in The Matrix Resurrections’ trailer look astoundingly good, and the trailer is but a sample. The whole meal awaits us in December. The scenes are richly shot with practical looking effects. There is an Inception-like hallway scene involving Morpheus that we can’t wait to witness on the big screen.

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Here is everything we need to talk about in the trailer:

Who is Priyanka Chopra playing?

In the trailer, Neo encounter a woman who is reading Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland. The woman is none other than Priyanka Chopra, wearing glasses with huge frames, who grins at him. While we don’t know the complete details of Priyanka’s character in Resurrections, but it is either a grown up Sati, the ‘Exile program’ who first appeared as a child in The Matrix Reloaded, or a completely new character. It was Sati who rebooted the Matrix at the end of the last movie and became the new Oracle.

The actor described herself as a ‘small fish’ in the Matrix universe. “They had me at ‘Neo and Trinity are back’! The Matrix trilogy defined my generation of cinema. It was the gold standard… something we all role played and referenced all our lives! So, here I am… a small, excited little fish in the huge cinematic pond that is THE Matrix!,” she wrote. Thanking Lana Wachowski and the cast, she added, “If you’re a fan of the franchise, you’ll know that “Unfortunately, no one can be told what the Matrix is”… so just give in.”


Neo and Trinity do not recognise each other — at first

The Matrix Resurrections Carrie-Anne Moss and Keanu Reeves as Trinity and Neo in The Matrix Resurrections. (Photo: Warner Bros)

The trailer suggests that the Matrix has been recreated and Neo and Trinity have forgotten who they are. They do not even recognise each other. Of course, they died in the last movie, The Matrix: Revolutions, but they are back now. How? Well, the hint is in the name of the movie itself.

Is Yahya Abdul-Mateen II playing Morpheus?

If his appearance and small round glasses did not convince you, the actor has confirmed on Instagram that he, indeed, is essaying a younger version of Morpheus. We do not know why Laurence Fishburne did not return but it appears he is much older and would not have managed complex action scenes

Bullet time is back

The Matrix Resurrections, bullet time Bullet time in action. (Photo: Warner Bros)

The first Matrix movie, released way back in 1999, introduced or at least popularised the bullet time visual effect. It appear it is back in Resurrections. There are a couple of shots showing Neo using the power. Clearly, despite his amnesia, he will regain his powers as the One.

The pills are back

The Matrix Resurrections, blue pill Neo in the process of washing blue pills down the drain. (Photo: Warner Bros)

With the concept of red and blue pills, the original Matrix introduced a philosophical concept, a choice between learning the harsh truth and living in the real world and continuing to live under blissful ignorance, respectively. Neo is undergoing therapy in Resurrections and his therapist is Neil Patrick Harris’ character. However, there seems something off about him. He is likely not human and is a machine. He also appears to be prescribing Neo the infamous blue pills that in one scene he contemplates washing down the drain.

Catch The Matrix Resurrections on December 22.

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