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Spider-Man Far From Home: Mid-credit and post-credit scenes explained

The scenes that come after credits have rolled have always held interest in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Sometimes, they are just jokes, and sometimes they have important ramifications. Here is what Spider-Man: Far From Home's mid-credit and post-credit scenes mean.

Spider-Man: Far From Home post credit scenes
Spider-Man: Far From Home offered a few surprises to moviegoers.

Spider-Man: Far From Home offered a few surprises. Some fell flat, but others we did not see coming in our wildest dreams.

In Far From Home, there were three huge surprises, and two of them might have repercussions in the entire MCU. We unpack both the scenes in detail below.

The mid-credit scene began with Peter Parker watching a news report. The anchor is JK Simmons’ J Jonah Jameson. The veteran actor famously played the role in Tobey Maguire’s Spider-Man films as well, and it was really great to see him return in the role. However, we are not sure if it was just an appearance or something permanent. Simmons was also cast as Commissioner Gordon in DC’s Justice League as well, but since we are not going to see another Justice League movie anytime soon and Ben Affleck’s Batman had ceased to exist, it is unlikely he will return in the role.

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So, he might reprise the role in future Spider-Man movies.

The mid-credit scene also contained another and narratively more important reveal. Simmons’ Jameson played a clip of Mysterio (as he lay dying) announcing to the world the true identity of Spider-Man and also accusing him of murdering common people of London. Peter Parker is basically a fugitive now if law enforcement takes Mysterio’s claims seriously.

He will not be safe as Peter Parker and he will not be safe as Spider-Man. It is dangerous for the people close to him as well, as the bad guys will try to harm them to hurt Spider-Man, and this is why Peter acquired a made-up identity in the first place. Whatever happens, we are excited to see what comes next for the wall-crawler.

The post-credit scene is also blowing the minds of Marvel fans. It revealed that “Nick Fury” and “Maria Hill” we saw in the movie are actually Talos and his wife Soren. We met Talos (Ben Mendelsohn) in Captain Marvel. He seemed like a malevolent Skull, the leader of an invading force until the film revealed that he and his people were actually refugees and oppressed by the Kree empire. While Talos is impersonating Fury, he is not doing it without Fury’s permission. Fury is commanding a Skrull spaceship and has probably left Talos to do what he did while on earth and is perhaps on an important mission. It may be to eliminate the threat of other skrulls (the “sleeper cells” mentioned in the film) or to fight the Kree empire that may still survive.

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The Skrull “sleeper cells” thing might also be teasing the Secret Invasion storyline of the comics in which Skrulls took the forms of Marvel superheroes and almost assumed control of the entire planet. Talos is a good Skrull, but he is not necessarily the typical example of his people.

That “Fury” was actually Talos also explains why “Fury” could not see through Quentin Beck and his deceit. The real Fury may not have taken Beck’s claim of belonging to a parallel universe at face value.