How Spider-Man Far From Home may set up MCU’s future movies

How Spider-Man Far From Home may set up MCU’s future movies

Spider-Man: Far From Home will have to deal with the consequences of Tony Stark and Black Widow's death, Captain America's retirement and Thor's disappearance in the end of Avengers: Endgame.

Spider-Man: Far From Home
Spider-Man: Far From Home ends the Phase 3 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Spider-Man: Far From Home is the first Marvel Cinematic Universe movie we will get to watch after the grand Infinity Saga finale that was Avengers: Endgame. It is the sequel to 2017’s Spider-Man: Homecoming and continues the journey of Spidey/Peter Parker.

The film’s plot involves Peter Parker going on a vacation to Europe, where he is confronted by Nick Fury about a new threat to the world called the Elementals arrive. As the name describes, the Elementals are beings that possess the power of different elements like fire and water.

They are here because Thanos’ snap ripped a hole in the fabric of the universe and these beings have arrived from some other universe.

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Helping Peter is Quentin Beck or Mysterio, played by Jake Gyllenhaal. Usually a bad guy, Mysterio appears to be a hero here. He, presumably, also belongs to the same universe from which the Elementals have come. And he has taken upon himself to destroy their threat and save the world — which is not his. We suspect he will end up as a bad guy.

Anyway, Far From Home, Kevin Feige confirmed, does not begin the MCU’s Phase 4. Instead it ends the Phase 3. It is, certainly, not part of the Infinity Saga, though — the entire shebang involving the Infinity Stones and Thanos’ Malthusian quest to end half of all life in the universe.

So what does this mean? Probably this that after Endgame’s huge ending and its significance, the next movie will have to deal with the consequences of Tony Stark and Black Widow’s death, Captain America’s retirement, Thor’s disappearance and so on.

Far From Home may also have to chart a course for the future movies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, since Endgame did not explicitly say anything. Marvel Studios have curiously been very tight-lipped about what is to come. We know individual projects (like Doctor Strange 2 and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3), but now how they will connect with each other?

It is almost certain that there will be a new superhero team, which may or may not call itself New Avengers. And they will join forces to fight the next big supervillain. But we do not how that will happen.

With the hint of multiverse in Far From Home’s most recent trailer, there is a chance, it may be revealed that this will be how X-Men and Fantastic Four, which were Fox’s properties previously, enter the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Though, it is unlikely.

Spider-Man: Far From Home is slated to release in India on July 5.