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Saturday, September 26, 2020

Ryan Reynolds, Hugh Jackman had a hilarious Twitter spat, Deadpool won

Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman's banter on Twitter is the best kind of bromance!

Written by Priyanka Sundar | New Delhi | March 8, 2017 7:52:20 pm
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Deadpool has always wanted Wolverine to collaborate with him. Umm… We mean Ryan Reynolds, a huge fan of ‘Wolvie’ has been pitching it to fans of Marvel universe and Hugh Jackman himself about collaborating for Deadpool. At a point, there were even speculations that while Pierce Brosnan might play the role of Cable, Jackman may be seen in the second part of Deadpool.

However, during Facebook Live session and interviews, Logan star stood firm that the latest installment will be his last film as Wolverine. We are not sure how many of you noticed this, but it could be why we hear Deadpool speaking on the stereo in the first 15-minutes of the movie. This tells us that Wolverine loves Deadpool too — this is not a one-way deal!

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But is Ryan happy with just his voice being a part of Wolverine series? Nope. He doesn’t seem to be. Do you know how he showed his disappointment? By tweeting about Hugh Jackman’s appearance in Beijing to promote his movie. That’s right!

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Hugh was so happy with the reception in Beijing, China that he tweeted a picture of himself with his fans. He said, “Thanks for an amazing visit Beijing! @WolverineMovie @20thcenturyfox”

Ryan’s reply to this tweet shows how disappointed he is with Hugh’s retirement from the X-Men series. He said, “Pretty sure those are protesters.” We did roll on the floor laughing as soon as we saw this. Who else could say this? And Hugh’s response just makes their bromance our favourite!

He replied, “Really…Guy … Really?!@VancityReynolds” They are just ‘aww-dorable’. Aren’t they?
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Though it does feel like the movie Logan was the best way to say bye to Hugh Jackman. It is just not fair to raise fans expectations about what could have been the best collab ever, and then to say, ‘Guys… Not happening’. So not cool.

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