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Revisiting Tom Cruise’s hilarious dying routine in Edge of Tomorrow: ‘If you hate Tom, he dies like 200 times’ | Scene Stealer

Today, we revisit the wonderful comedy routine of Hollywood superstar Tom Cruise in the underrated action spectacle Edge of Tomorrow.

tom cruiseTom Cruise in a still from Edge of Tomorrow.

More often than not, we wonder why any superstar becomes the way they are. They peak, thanks to a bunch of successful films and they of course have the talent, charisma and energy to hold your attention throughout a movie. But they are humans too, so they fail as well, and once they have been around for a long time, you start to take them for granted. In fact, as they age, you wonder if they have it in them to still deliver a fun, engaging entertainer? Like most big stars, Tom Cruise has also been through that drill, those stages of extreme success and limelight and then seeing more than a few failures.

However, every once in a while, Cruise surprises us by reinventing himself as that same action hero in that very same action genre he has been doing for decades. Just a twist here, and a twist there to that action hero stereotype, and he is seen playing the lead in a big-budget Hollywood spectacle one more time. One of my favourite Tom Cruise performances is from the 2014 release Edge of Tomorrow, also starring the talented Emily Blunt.

Helmed by Doug Liman and penned by the trio of Christopher McQuarrie, Jez Butterworth and John-Henry Butterworth, the action-thriller is ‘full paisa-vasool’. Unfortunately, I saw it after it released in theatres. But Edge of Tomorrow is meant to be consumed on the big screen. The visuals, the aliens, the monsters and its grandeur cry for a big-screen experience. In the movie, Tom plays the unwitting ‘administrator’ guy who is sent to the field to contain the alien invasion which has cost the lives and livelihood of many across the globe. Tom’s William Cage is a reluctant warrior. In fact, throughout the first hour of the movie, he is barely a courageous human being, who does his best to get out of the tricky spot, but alas, fate had other plans.

Now finding himself in a war he had no wish to participate in, eventually William’s survival instincts kick in, only to quickly realise that he cannot really die due to some glitch. In that war, he finds Sergeant Rita Vrataski (Blunt), who has also experienced the same thing in recent past. The two develop an unlikely friendship where they vow to save the world by giving it their all.

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While the VFX is great and the performances are on point, what really steals the show are the comedic bits in the film, especially when Tom’s William keeps dying. In a brilliant, never-ending, loopy kind of twist, death, an otherwise awful and gloomy scenario, is transformed into a humorous bit. Tom apparently dies a record 36 times during the course of the film, and each time it is as novel and hilarious as the last.

Speaking about the same, Tom Cruise had said during an earlier media interaction, “I found it very very funny. First of all, playing this unlikely hero, this guy, it was so much fun. On set we were devising how many ways my character could die, it became like a bugs bunny kind of situation.”

Before the film’s release, while conversing with The Guardian, director Doug Liman had confirmed Tom’s death and lightly said, “If you love Tom Cruise, you see him giving a genius performance, and if you hate Tom Cruise he dies like 200 times in the movie.”


All I can say is, listen to Doug and watch the movie on Netflix, YouTube or Amazon Prime Video, if you haven’t already.

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