Real ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ star offered reality show

Real ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ star offered reality show

Satirical biographical movie 'Wolf of Wall Street' is based on Jordan Belfort's memoir of the same name

Stockbroker Jordan Belfort,who inspired Martin Scorsese to make satirical biographical movie ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ has been approached for a reality show.

The movie which is based on Belfort’s memoir of the same name stars Leonardo DiCaprio in the lead role,reported Ace


The show would be about helping others who have hit rock bottom.

Electus CEO Chris Grant,who is running the studio behind series as ‘Fashion Star’ and ‘Mob Wives’,was keen on meeting


Belfort after reading his 2007 memoir,’The Wolf of Wall Street’.

In the book,Belfort described how he scammed investors out of USD 110 million throughout the 1990s and led a hard-partying lifestyle including serious drug takings.

“I knew without even seeing a picture of him that he could be a talent,both behind and in front of the camera,” Grant said.