Psy look-alike sneaks into Cannes parties,fools celebrities

Psy look-alike sneaks into Cannes parties,fools celebrities

"Seems like there's another me at cannes... Say hi to him @scooterbraun lol #PSYinSINGAPORE," he tweeted.

South Korean rapper Psy’s doppelganger,dressed in a similar style like that of the ‘Gangnam Style’ hitmaker,attended the Cannes film festival and even took pictures with Hollywood A-listers.

The impersonator attended events and parties at the festival uncaught until the real singer tweeted that he was not at the event,reported Aceshowbiz.

“Seems like there’s another me at cannes… Say hi to him @scooterbraun lol #PSYinSINGAPORE,he tweeted.

The ‘Gentleman’ singer apparently was amused at the idea that someone impersonated him and walked around Cannes events freely.


He tweeted again later with a picture of the impostor attached on the post. “Here the picture of #fakePSYinCannes spotted by @scooterbraun!! lol,” he captioned the picture.

Cannes’ event organizer and numerous celebrities were fooled with the impersonator’s strikingly similar look and style with the South Korean rapper.

The PSY-wannabe wore round glasses and fitting suit. He even had three bodyguards with earpieces and a French manager with him.

In two days,the fake PSY partied with celebrities,showed up on a French radio show and signed a deal to be honored at a gala in Monaco,New York Post reported.

“Skyfall” actress Naomie Harris and “The Pianist” actor Adrien Brody were tricked into believing that he was the real PSY.

Harris even happily shared a photo of her with the impersonator on May 21. “Me and Psy at the Chopard party in Cannes! Xx,” she captioned the picture.

According to reports,the PSY look-alike was 34-year-old Denis Carre who lived in France.