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Prince Harry recalls how he proposed to Meghan Markle in new Netflix series: ‘I didn’t know if she was going to say yes’

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle first met in 2016 and by 2017, they were engaged to each other.

meghan markle, prince harryMeghan Markle and Prince Harry share their love story in new Netflix series.
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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s love story is nothing less than a fairytale and in the latest Netflix series Harry & Meghan, the royal couple opened up about how they fell in love with each other. The two also shared how Harry popped the question by going down on one knee.

Meghan shared that she was in the UK to attend the Wimbledon in 2016 when she first went out on a date with Harry, whom she addresses as H throughout the series. The royal couple smiled like teenagers as they recalled the memory of being on their first date, for which Harry turned up 30 minutes late. “He was so refreshingly fun, and we were childlike together,” recalled Meghan and shared that they talked for an hour. She was going to leave the UK in two days and as soon as she got back home, she asked him for dinner the next night as well.

Meghan said, “He thought it was very American and forward.” Harry remembered that Meghan was a few minutes late the next day but they met at the same place where they met a day before and in that moment “we knew we were going to give it a go,” she recalled.

Meghan said that Harry, at that point, had an extensive list of things that he was looking for in a partner, and Harry, with a smile, said, “She’s that list.”

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In another part of the series, Harry recalls how he always lived under a microscope because of who he was and often wondered how he could cultivate real relationships, given all that baggage. He said, “I remember thinking, ‘how can I find someone who is willing and capable to be able to withstand all the baggage that comes with being with me?'” Harry said that every relationship that he had had would end in a short time because the relationships would always make it to tabloids and the family of the woman would end up being harassed. “Every relationship that I had, within a matter if weeks or months were splattered all over the newspaper and that person’s family harassed and their lives turned upside down,” he recalled.

Just over a year after their first date, Harry proposed to Meghan in November 2017. In the series, the couple narrates how that evening went down. Harry shared that he wanted to do it much sooner but couldn’t as he had to take permission from his grandmother, late Queen Elizabeth II. He also couldn’t do it outside the UK.

He recalled, “While she was greasing chicken, I did pop a bottle of champagne.” He said that he wasn’t sure of Meghan was going to say yes. “In the north garden, being looked over the staff flats. I got 15 electric candles. Of course, I got down on one knee,” he smiled as he remembered the moment. “I was so joyful and excited,” said Meghan.


The documentary has their friends talking about their engagement party that had only their close friends in attendance. “The engagement party had everyone dressed in animal onesies and Meghan and Harry dressed in penguin suits because penguins mate for life,” recalled one of their friends.

Meghan and Harry had a royal wedding in May 2018.

First published on: 08-12-2022 at 15:28 IST
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