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Oscar-winning director Woody Allen’s concert disrupted by feminist activists

Woody Allen's recent concert was interrupted by feminist activists who protested against 'a culture of silence' surrounding sexual abuse allegations against the Oscar-winning director. They were also ready to read a letter, however, were taken away by the security. The activist group then released the letter to the press.

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Woody Allen’s concert was interrupted midway by feminist activists.

Two feminist activists rushed to the stage during a performance of Woody Allen’s New Orleans Jazz Band in Hamburg, Germany in protest of the filmmaker’s alleged abuse of his adopted daughter Dylan Farrow. The 81-year-old Annie Hall director was playing the clarinet when the women, who were topless and covered in writing condemning Allen for alleged child abuse, went up on the stage and began shouting, reported The Hollywood Reporter.

The two activists from the Femen group, known for their provocative nude protests, tried to read a letter from Allen’s adoptive daughter Dylan, who has accused the Oscar-winning director of abusing her when she was seven. But security guards pulled them offstage. Allen and his band did not seem particularly bothered  by the disruption. After security removed the protesters, they continued with their concert.

Dylan first publicly accused her adoptive father of abuse three years ago. The alleged abuse took place in 1992 when Allen was still together with Dylan’s mother, actress Mia Farrow. Connecticut prosecutors launched a criminal investigation against Allen, but decided not to pursue criminal charges. In a guest column for The Hollywood Reporter last year, Dylan’s brother Ronan Farrow detailed the allegations, and condemned the general press silence surrounding them.

Also according to the same reports, the women were protesting what they called “a culture of silence” surrounding sexual abuse allegations against the Oscar-winning director. The activists released their letter to the press. It reads, translated from the German: “Although the incident occurred decades ago, Dylan (now 31) is still suffering the consequences. Woody Allen is not just the neurotic and charming director, actor and musician, but a father who likes to stick his finger in his daughter. We’d like to remind the world, and jazz fans, of that fact.”