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Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Road to Avengers Endgame | The best and worst of Captain America: Civil War

Ahead of Marvel's Avengers Endgame release, here's looking back at Captain America: Civil War and how it fared within the MCU.

Written by Kshitij Rawat | New Delhi |
Updated: April 25, 2019 12:40:05 pm
captain america civil war's poster Ahead of Marvel’s Avengers: Endgame release, here’s a look at how Captain America: Civil War fared within the MCU

Dubbed Avengers 2.5, Captain America: Civil War was still a Captain America film at its heart. It was basically about Cap’s journey from Captain America to a fugitive. What began as an ideological conflict between Iron Man and Captain America became an actual battle at the end. We had seen Marvel superheroes fighting before, but this was a proper war. Civil War was not only a fantastic movie in itself, it also set the stage for Avengers: Infinity War. It also demonstrated the ability of the Russo brothers to handle multiple superheroes in one film and give them enough space and screen time to allow their own arc. Well, most of them anyway.

After Scarlet Witch accidentally kills civilians in a building to save Captain America, US Secretary of State informs the Avengers that UN is preparing to pass the Sokovian Accords, that would enable a panel to oversee the Avengers. Tony Stark is of the opinion that they should sign the accords, while Steve Rogers differs. The battle ensues.

Five best things about Captain America: Civil War

Taut, coherent plot

The Russo brothers handled about a dozen superheroes with ease. The film had a complex yet coherent plot that flowed smoothly and the characters were nicely drawn.

jeremy renner in captain america civil war MCU’s Captain America: Civil War was all about great action.


Civil War had thumping fighting scenes between some of the greatest superheroes. Battles were long, but never numbing. Amid all the fracas, there were small scenes between individual superheroes that stood out.

Spider-man and Black Panther

Civil War saw the induction of two of the coolest Marvel superheroes: Spider-man and Black Panther. Both the new superheroes had their own distinct personalities. While Spidey had a boyish charm, Chadwick Boseman’s T’Challa was solemn and even angry due to the death of his father. The introduction scenes of both were very well-executed.

spider-man in marvel's captain america: civil war Spider-man was one of the best things about Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War.

Ideological tussle

Superhero movies may be dismissed as childish by ‘adults’, but some superheroes have depth in terms of their themes and ideas. Civil War was all about picturing a world in which powerful superheroes existed. It was actually a glimpse of our world – only with superheroes in it. Inevitably, governments would be fearful of them since they have to share the authority. Also, how would a world will deal with the existence of beings with the potential of destroying the whole planet? That was what Civil War was all about.

Paving the way for Infinity War

Civil War was a way to create a rift between two factions of the Avengers. It did that marvellously well.

a still from marvel's captain america: civil war We were introduced to Black Panther long before its standalone movie, all thanks to Captain America: Civil War.

A not-so-great thing about Captain America: Civil War?

Absolutely nothing. Captain America: Civil War was entertaining. It had some epic moments, a deep underlying theme, and did everything right.

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