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Monday, July 16, 2018

James Gunn calls Jodie Foster ‘old-fashioned’ for slamming superhero films

In a recent interview, filmmaker Jodie Foster slammed big studios for promoting "bad content" and she does not want to be associated with films cashing in on this latest trend.

By: PTI | Los Angeles | Published: January 3, 2018 5:03:45 pm
James Gunn Guardians of the Galaxy 2 James Gunn in a series of tweets opposed views of Jodie Foster.

Filmmaker James Gunn has called actor-director Jodie Foster “old-fashioned” over her criticism of superhero films, saying her belief system although common, it is not “totally without basis”. The director of the Marvel film franchise, “Guardians of the Galaxy”, posted a six-tweet response disagreeing with Foster’s remark, in which she blamed the big-budget fantasy movies for “ruining” the viewing habits of the audiences worldwide.

Gunn said such films can be both larger-than-life and have good content. “I think Foster looks at film(s) in an old-fashioned way where spectacle film can’t be thought-provoking. It’s often true but not always. Her belief system is pretty common and isn’t totally without basis.

“I say not without basis because most studio franchise films are somewhat soulless – and that is a real danger to the future of movies. But there are also quite a few exceptions,” he wrote.

Gunn, 51, said according to him cinema needs “spectacle films” with a “vision and heart” and creating these movies is the best part of his job.

He partially agreed with the 55-year-old director’s opinion that “she seems to see filmmaking as something that’s primarily about her own personal growth”.

“For me, that may be part of why I do this, but spending many millions of dollars on a film has to be about more than that – it’s communication – so my experience is merely one spoke on that wheel.

“But I respect Foster and her talent and what she’s done for films and I appreciate her different way of looking at Hollywood’s landscape,” Gunn added.

Read James Gunn tweets:

In a recent interview, Foster slammed big studios for promoting “bad content” and she does not want to be associated with films cashing in on this latest trend.

“Going to the movies has become like a theme park. Studios making bad content in order to appeal to the masses and shareholders is like fracking – you get the best return right now but you wreck the earth.

“It’s ruining the viewing habits of the American population and then ultimately the rest of the world…” she had said.

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