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Homeless people affect Jason Statham

The 46-year-old actor plays a homeless man "living hand-to-mouth" on the street in 'Hummingbird'.

‘Transporter’ star Jason Statham says the homeless people he met while researching his upcoming movie ‘Hummingbird’ had a profound effect on him.

The 46-year-old actor plays a homeless man “living hand-to-mouth” on the street in the movie. He collaborated with charity St Martin-in-the-Fields in London,to try and understand his character,reported Contactmusic.

“I met a lot of people there who had a profound effect on me. Every story we hear is unique,captivating and interesting. But they’re also sad and tough to hear. They helped me shape the character,” said Jason.

“As an actor you work to the script,that’s our main priority. But you have to be aware,and look around for things that help you bring that little bit extra,that touch of realism that rams the point home,” added Jason.


He also feels the unhappy life of a homeless person is often ignored as people are too busy to notice them.

“These are people who are invisible at times. They walk around and people don’t give them any attention. They try and reach out and talk to people,but people just ignore them,” said Jason.

“If you spend a bit more time talking to these people,you get an insight into something that not many other people ever get to know about,” he added.