Golden Globes 2018: Why Call Me By Your Name could win Best Motion Picture (Drama)

Golden Globes 2018: Why Call Me By Your Name could win Best Motion Picture (Drama)

75th Golden Globe Awards: Here's looking at why the film, Call Me By Your Name, could win Best Motion Picture (Drama).

call me by your name golden globes 2018
Call Me By Your Name has been nominated in the Best Motion Picture (Drama) category at the Golden Globe Awards 2018.

Making a romantic film these days is difficult. Making a romantic film based on a homosexual relationship even more so. Moviegoers are so bored of sentimental bunkum that most romantic films fall flat on the box office and with critics. Call Me By Your Name is such rare film that comes once in a decade. It is based on the relationship with a gay couple, but it never tries to be preachy and tells its viewers how homosexuality is normal or some other guff. Instead, it tells a beautiful, pure love story between two males.

Based on the 2007 novel of the same name by André Aciman, Call Me By Your Name is about a 17-year-old American boy, Elio, who lives in Italian countryside. His father invites an assistant, Oliver, to help with his academic work. The said assistant is a swashbuckling young man towards whom Elio is initially hostile as he has to lend his room to him. The contrast between the duo is clear. While Elio is bookish, Oliver is anything but. He is ebullient and lively. But still they fall in love.

Anybody who has fallen in love would understand that the person you love may be thoroughly different from you in every aspect, but it does not matter. Perhaps differences are necessary to put the puzzle in place. To solve the jigsaw. If two pieces are too similar, they would not fit each other. Such is also the case with the relationship between Elio and Oliver. Their courtship develops, and evolves into passionate love and physical intimacy.

Simply put, Call Me By Your Name is a radiant love story that you would connect to if you have loved someone and have loved by them in return.