Gemini Man new trailer: Will Smith faces off with his clone in this Ang Lee film

Gemini Man new trailer: Will Smith faces off with his clone in this Ang Lee film

Gemini Man trailer: Will Smith's Henry is fighting his clone who is out to kill him. The film also stars Clive Owen. Directed by Ang Lee, the film releases on October 11.

gemini man trailer
Gemini Man trailer: Will Smith is fighting his younger self in the film.

It looks like Hollywood has found a new VFX toy with de-ageing technology, and the latest film to use it is Ang Lee’s Gemini Man. In the trailer of Gemini Man, we see Will Smith playing an assassin who is being hunted down by his younger self. Lee has used the de-ageing technology that was extensively used earlier this year in Captain Marvel for Samuel L Jackson.

The latest trailer of Gemini Man hints at the story of the film. Here, the government has cloned elite assassin Henry (Will Smith) and is now using his clone to kill Henry. We get to see glimpses of fight sequences where Smith will take on his younger self, 25 years younger to be precise.

Watch the trailer of Gemini Man here:

Clive Owen plays the antagonist here who is behind the cloning experiment. In the first trailer of the film, we had already seen the clone fight. Here, we hear Junior’s (the clone) side. Owen explains that he was created to have all the gifts of the assassin but without any of the pain. The film’s trailer promises some high voltage action.

At a recent press preview, Ang Lee and Will Smith showcased three sequences from the film and also showed the new trailer. As reported by The Hollywood Reporter, Ang Lee said, “People talk about technology but this is not. This is an artistic endeavour. Not a clone but a soulful human being. My way of directing had to change. (The actor) can’t act, you have to feel the emotion that will translate to the audience. He has to be real, complicated.”

Directed by Ang Lee, Gemini Man releases on October 11.