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Wonder Woman aka Gal Gadot appeared on Saturday Night Live and left us in splits. Here’s all that she did

Known as the Amazonian princess Diana all over the world, Gal Gadot appeared at Saturday Night Live and her performance was simply hilarious. Gal participated in various sketches and each one was better than the other. Gal will next be seen in the superhero film, Justice League.

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Gal Gadot was hilarious on Saturday Night Live.

Gal Gadot is now an internationally loved actor and this adulation from around the world came to her after she played the Amazonian princess Diana in ‘Wonder Woman’. The 2017 film crossed the 400 million dollar mark internationally and much of that credit goes to the actor who played the titular role. Gal from Israel is loved all over the world and her appearance on ‘Saturday Night Live’ in the past week just goes out to show that fans just can’t get enough of her. Gal Gadot’s numerous interviews during the promotions of Wonder Woman had testified that the actor has a great sense of humour and her acts in ‘Saturday Night Live’ hit the nail on the head.

Gal Gadot was seen in three sketches during the show. In one she played her popular character Diana from ‘Wonder Woman’ and was seen with popular SNL cast member, Kate McKinnon. The sketch had Diana exploring her sexuality. She then did a sketch where she went on a first date with O.J. Simpson (played by Kenan Thompson). In the sketch, she knows nothing of his background and that is where hilarity ensues. Her third sketch for the night was a mock preview for E!’s new show, Kendall Model House, where Gal played the characters of supermodels Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid.

Apart from these sketches, Gal’s presence was simply loved during the entirety of the show. Here’s everything that Gal did SNL:

1. Her Wonder Woman promo 

Gal shot for a promo for the show where she makes an entry in true Wonder Woman style. She breaks down a wall while she enters and the cast members are left stunned by her heroic entrance.


2. The opening monologue with Leslie Jones

Gal Gadot’s opening monologue with SNL cast member, Leslie Jones, was hilarious. This episode was the first one to be broadcasted live in Gal’s home country, Israel, and she had a special message for her fans back home. Leslie enters in the Wonder Woman costume which she apparently dons in Times Square for German tourists. Gal talks about her superpowers but Leslie has hers in the form of vodka. The two were simply crackling during this opening monologue.

3. Her first date with O.J. Simpson

Gal did another sketch with Kenan Thompson where he played the recently freed controversial figure, O.J. Simpson. The two go on a first date where he tries to underplay his background. She proceeds to ask him if O.J. is a nickname to which he tells his actual name and then reveals the name he was associated with in the 90s, Juice, which obviously Gal doesn’t get. This sketch was hilarious and more so because O.J. was refreshed back in audience’s memory because of last year’s popular show, The People v. O. J. Simpson: American Crime Story.

4. The time she experimented with Kate McKinnon

Gal did a sketch dressed as the Amazonian princess as well. The sketch takes place on Themyscira with the premise that on an island full of women, there has to be a lot of romantic love between the women. Modern day women, played by, Aidy Bryant and Kate McKinnon, get to the shore and meet the Amazonian women and ask the very obvious question. Diana isn’t much into their advances but doesn’t hesitate to experiment. She kisses McKinnon only to realise that she isn’t interested in women romantically. The sketch was simply loved by the SNL audience.

5. Gal at the Model House as Kendall and Gigi 

Gal also did a sketch where she played the supermodel Kendall Jenner on her new show, Kendall’s Model House. The sketch has Gal hilariously impersonating the reality star and also her colleague and friend, Gigi Hadid. The two models are huge celebrities and Gal playing both these characters left the audience in splits.

Gal Gadot will next be seen in ‘Justice League’ and the sequel of ‘Wonder Woman’ but if her appearance in SNL is anything to go by, Gal should definitely take up some comic roles as well.