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Avengers Infinity War Hindi: Five reasons why you should watch the Marvel film

Disney is re-releasing Avengers: Infinity War, albeit only in Hindi. Here are reasons why you should watch the Marvel film.

avengers infinity war Avengers: Infinity War releases in Hindi on October 2.

Disney is re-releasing Avengers: Infinity War again in India, albeit only in Hindi. The big Marvel film has so far grossed over Rs 220 crore in India. Globally, it ended its theatrical run at over 2 billion dollars, becoming the fourth-highest grossing film ever.

Infinity War already has a blu-ray out, but such epic action-CGI extravaganzas deserve to be seen in cinema halls. And Infinity War is a massive, massive crossover that combines about half a dozen franchises and two dozen superheroes who face a villain that was teased back in 2012’s The Avengers. It is the very definition of a blockbuster.

Here are five reasons why you should watch this film.

Hilarious Hindi dubbing: Let’s face it. A film needs to to be watched in the language in which it was shot. If the viewer does not understand it, perhaps subtitles may help. But commercial Hollywood movies releasing in India always have over-the-top Hindi dubbing that sometimes makes them funnier than they actually are, often unintentionally so. It can get really cringe-worthy sometimes, but Marvel usually does a pretty fine job in crafting Hindi equivalent of English dialogues. Infinity War is actually enjoyable in Hindi as the teasers here suggest.

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Thanos: It was the first time an intergalactic villain from comics was portrayed on the screen. Though he was teased in previous MCU films too, it was only in Infinity War that we got to see him in his full glory. I will abstain from spoilers since many of you might not have seen it, but Josh Brolin, CGI artists and writers have together created a compelling, hulking villain, whose motivations, while downright crazy, were still understandable.

A multitude of superheroes: These days, most superhero films have team-ups. Even a standalone film like Thor: Ragnarok had a team called Revengers. But even in this day and age, Infinity War was a rarity for it had an incredible two dozen superheroes, all fighting against Thanos to protect earth and the universe.

Black Order: Thanos is not alone when he invades earth to acquire the Infinity Stones. He brings his Black Order, also called the Children of Thanos. They are as powerful as the strongest of Avengers, and will prove to be fearsome foes.


Battles: Avengers: Infinity War has some of the most spectacular battles you will see in a film. There are magic duels between Doctor Strange and Ebony Maw, hand-to-hand combat between Captain America and Proximity Midnight and best of all between Thanos and Iron Man. Everything is well-constructed and well-choreographed. The battle between Doctor Strange and Thanos, perhaps more than anything else, is a sight to behold.

First published on: 02-10-2018 at 01:03 IST
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