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Ezra Miller to write The Flash script?

To keep the role of the Flash, Ezra Miller is apparently forced to write the script himself with the assistance of comic-book legend Grant Morrison. Miller played the role in 2017's Justice League, which was a huge box office loss for Warner Bros.

ezra miller as flash in justice league
Ezra Miller appeared as the Flash in DC teamup movie Justice League.

As the idea of a shared universe at DC Films loses his appeal after Justice League’s failure, some actors playing the superheroes might get ousted. Ben Affleck is officially out and the hunt of a younger Batman is on for Matt Reeves’ upcoming movie. Henry Cavill is also almost certain to not return as Superman.

And now it appears even Ezra Miller’s Flash, which was praised in an otherwise reviled Justice League film, is in jeopardy. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the supposedly in-development The Flash movie is no longer certain at Warner Bros, at least not with Miller. The studio had hired Game Night directors John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein to helm the project.

But there was a clash of visions as the directors wanted a light-hearted take on the character, while Miller wanted to take to the movie to be a little darker. Now, to keep the role, he is apparently forced to write the script himself with the assistance of comic-book legend Grant Morrison, famous for his runs on Batman and JLA in DC Comics.

After Justice League’s debacle, a shakeup at DC Films resulted in less focus on a shared universe that DC and WB were hoping to flesh out in the vein of Disney’s Marvel Cinematic Universe. Aquaman’s immense success seemed to have sealed the end to what was unofficially called the DC Extended Universe (DCEU).

Warner Bros CEO Kevin Tsujihara told latimes.com earlier this month, “The universe isn’t as connected as we thought it was going to be five years ago. You’re seeing much more focus on individual experiences around individual characters. That’s not to say we won’t at some point come back to that notion of a more connected universe. But it feels like that’s the right strategy for us right now.”