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Eminem teases song for Tom Hardy’s Venom

This is a partnership you probably did not know you needed. Eminem has teased a surprise song for Sony's upcoming Venom that stars Tom Hardy in the title role.

eminem song for tom hardy's venom theme
Listen to the snippet of Eminem’s song for Tom Hardy’s Venom.

This is a partnership you probably did not know you needed. Eminem has teased a surprise song for Sony’s upcoming Venom. On his Twitter account, the ace rapper posted a snippet from the song and tagged the official Twitter handle of the movie. The snippet features only “Venom! Knock knock let the devil in,” and it plays over the official title sequence morphing to the logo and the ‘e’ in the word Venom transforms into the rapper’s signature. Looking at Venom’s character traits, one would reasonably assume him to be a heavy metal fan, but rap clearly suits him too.

Venom sees Tom Hardy donning the role of Eddie Brock/Venom. Although Venom is only a Spider-man villain and antihero, there is a great anticipation about this film since Tom Hardy is playing the lead. Venom is surely a fascinating character. He is the Joker to Spider-man’s Batman and actually does have many characteristics of the Clown Prince of Crime like a devilish grin, sharp but unhinged mind, dark humour and propensity for violence. But Venom has not had that much depth to develop a story on it without Spidey. Spider-man completes Venom. Still, it is happening.

Venom is not related to Tom Holland’s Spider-Man which comes firmly under Marvel Cinematic Universe. Instead, Venom is part of its own universe that Sony is building. Reportedly it would be made out of Spider-Man’s supporting characters and yet does not have Spidey.

Zombieland director Ruben Fleischer is helming Venom, which also stars Michelle Williams, Riz Ahmed, Scott Haze and Reid Scott. Venom releases on October 5.