Despicable me 3 trailer: Gru has a twin brother, watch video

Despicable me 3 trailer: Gru has a twin brother, watch video

The recently released trailer of Despicable Me 3 has already taken over netizens by storm.

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Despicable me 3 trailer: Gru vs Dru.

So Gru has lost his job. The evilest man is now in a difficult position. So much so that one of his adopted daughters Agnes has set up a stall to sell her toys with the help of the resident minions (yay yay). Oh and just FYI, they can now utter words like ‘illumination’ and ‘twin brother’. It is not just ‘banana’ anymore.

It is then that a representative seeks Gru’s audience and tells his that he has a twin brother Dru. Dru’s voice has been lent by Steve Carrell as well and he looks exactly like Gru, uhm, except for the fact that he has shiny blonde hair. He is also an evil guy, but he is quite rich. Oh, and the best part is that Dru has a sick sense of humour. So unlike Gru, who is usually snotty, sarcastic and dull, Gru is sure to leave you in splits with his insane stunts. He is stylish, has an impressive collection of shiny cars — all red in colour — and some amazing technology at his disposal.


Oh right, he also has cute pigs to assist him. No. For real. There are cute pigs that help him with his work. He wants to take the family tradition of making evil plans forward with his twin brother.

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But Gru doesn’t like this idea. Initially. However, he falls for it as he sees it as ‘one last heist’ and the villain suit made by his brother just nudges him closer to that evil heist. The two brothers in the black and white suit could be the best summer treat this year for kids and adults alike. The minions and pigs help too!