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Friday, April 23, 2021

Deadpool 2 actor Karan Soni: Ryan Reynolds is funnier in person than he is on Twitter

Deadpool 2 actor Karan Soni talks about his experience of working with Ryan Reynolds on the Deadpool series. In this exclusive interview with, Karan also revealed that he has been signed for four Deadpool films.

Written by Sampada Sharma | New Delhi |
Updated: May 14, 2018 11:24:42 am
deadpool 2 actor karan soni Deadpool 2 actor Karan Soni shared his experience of working with Ryan Reynolds.

The coolest and the funniest superhero is back. With Deadpool 2, we will see him one more time and from the trailers, one can tell that it will be even better than the first one. Ryan Reynolds will once again don the red suit that got him immense love in 2016. The film that was loved by audiences all over found a special connect in India when the opening scene had the iconic Raj Kapoor song “Mera Joota Hai Japani” playing in the background. The scene where Deadpool is in the cab with a driver named Dopinder was hilarious and Karan Soni who played the cab driver found instant fame.

Karan returns with Ryan Reynolds in Deadpool 2 and in a conversation with, Karan spoke about how he grabbed this role. He shared, “It was actually a super-secret audition. They had changed all the names in the scenes of the characters so I didn’t know what I was auditioning for. I auditioned for it in 2014 and then three months went by and I didn’t hear anything. And then my manager and agent called and said that they had offered me this role. I never got to meet Ryan before (the shoot) but luckily, we had chemistry. I auditioned in LA and then he saw my audition tape and gave me the job.”

For those who can’t get enough of Deadpool, Karan hinted that the franchise might churn out two more films after this one. He said, “When they had offered me the first movie, they made me sign for four movies in advance.” Since Karan was signed for four movies, we’re hoping that the next Deadpool movies will continue to be just as great as the first one. Karan also spoke about the length of his role in the upcoming movie, “The first movie I worked on for about three weeks, the second one I was on there for three months.”

It was Ryan Reynolds who sent an email to Karan confirming his appearance in the sequel and Karan shared that he wasn’t told anything about the storyline until he went to film the movie. Just the day before filming, Karan finally got his hands on the script and was completely blown away by it.

Ryan Reynolds’ funny avatar is for everyone to see on Twitter but turns out Ryan is even funnier in person, if that is even possible. Karan shared, “Ryan’s even funnier in person. Nowadays I don’t even laugh. I just think to myself ‘God! That’s so funny, I can’t even think of saying anything back to him’. But yeah, he’s even more funny, charming, likable in person than he is on Twitter.”

Karan Soni is one of the few Indian actors who has gotten recognition while working in Hollywood. Deadpool was his big break and Karan believes that making it in Hollywood “is difficult for anyone who has no connection.” He further elaborated, “It’s more like, individually how lucky and talented you are, that combination determines how successful you will be.”

Karan also spoke about the trend of colour blind casting in Hollywood, where characters aren’t written with an ethnicity in mind and actors are hired on the basis of their talent and not their color. This trend has increased the number of opportunities for actors and Karan believes that the culture of stereotyping characters on the basis of their ethnicity is also starting to diminish. But he also wishes that there were more Indian characters being written for the screen. “The only thing I wish was happening more was that there were more Indian characters. Like the movies with leads that are Indian and they talk about Indian culture versus Americanised Indians.”

karan soni in deadpool 2 Karan Soni in a still from Deadpool 2.

Talking about Indian characters, Karan also spoke about his inclination towards working in the Indian film industry. In Karan’s words, he’s just waiting for the phone to ring. Karan said, “I have American agents so they don’t really know what’s happening there so the phone has to ring here for them to tell me that there’s an opportunity but yes, I would love to. I would be definitely 100% open to it.”

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