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Wednesday, August 04, 2021

Everything to watch out for in Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel is the 21st film of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Starring Brie Larson in the titular role, the film has some surprises that shouldn't be missed.

By: Entertainment Desk | New Delhi |
March 11, 2019 2:44:16 pm
captain marvel poster Captain Marvel has its moments and those shouldn’t be missed.

Marvel Cinematic Universe’s 21st film Captain Marvel is out in theaters and while the film has received polarising reviews from critics, the audience is still on the fence about it. Brie Larson plays the titular role of Carol Danvers aka Captain Marvel and Samuel L Jackson reprises his role as Nick Fury.

Captain Marvel is an important part of the army that will ultimately defeat Thanos, or so we hope. This demands a lot of attention to her origin story in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

(Spoilers ahead)

captain marvel Captain Marvel introduces the most powerful superhero in the MCU.

Here is everything that you should look out for in Captain Marvel:

Non-linear storytelling

Since this is an origin story, the audience needs to know how Carol, an airforce pilot became a member of the Starforce on Hala but the makers have opted an alternate route to tell this story. You get to learn everything about Danvers but not all information is spoonfed. There is a lot of back and forth and you only learn about Carol as she learns about herself.

Skrulls or Kree? Who are the bad guys?

The trailer told us to stay wary of the Skrulls, the shapeshifting alien creatures who are trying to infiltrate Earth. The comics too paint them in bad light, but the film has another story to tell. Skrulls go from being the bad guys to the ones who need to be protected by Captain Marvel. The Kree, however, start as protectors and end up being the evil forces. It is a little too convoluted, and the film would have been at an advantage had they stuck to one villainous figure from the start.

captain marvel This Skrull shape-shifter masquerading as an old woman was shown in the trailer.

Nick Fury

In his early days, Fury was a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent who could smell deception from miles away. As he put together the Avengers initiative and protected the Tesseract, he has single-handedly been the backbone behind the heroes who saved humanity. Here, Fury is way more chilled out as he befriends Goose (more on her later) and becomes an important tool for Carol to realise her true identity.


The flerken, who looks like a cat, is one of the highlights of Captain Marvel. The cat belonged to Mar-Vell/Dr Wendy Lawson but took to Carol when she served with Dr Lawson. She attaches herself to Vers too and gets quite friendly with Fury. Since she is a flerken, she has the ability to swallow humans with the tentacles in her mouth that only appear when she is ready to swallow. In the film, she fights against the Kree and saves the Tesseract before it falls into the wrong hands.

Goose was named Chewie in the comics after the Star Wars character Chewbacca.

captain marvel cat goose The name of Captain Marvel’s cat was changed from Chewie to Goose. (Source: Marvel Studios/Facebook)

The cameos

Being the last film before Avengers: Endgame, Captain Marvel is full of cameos in the post-credits scene. Steve Rogers, Bruce Banner, Natasha Romanoff and James Rhodes appear in the end as they are trying to decipher Fury’s last page.

And of course, Stan Lee’s first posthumous cameo takes place as he is shown riding on the train as a passenger. The film opens with a montage of Lee’s images with the Marvel logo that is followed by ‘Thank You Stan.’

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