Road to Avengers Infinity War | The best and worst of Thor Ragnarok

Road to Avengers Infinity War | The best and worst of Thor Ragnarok

As we get closer to the release of the much awaited Avengers Infinity War, here's looking back at 2017's Thor Ragnarok. Starring Chris Hemsworth, Tom Middleston, Cate Blanchett and Mark Ruffalo, the film was directed by Taika Waititi.

thor ragnarok
As we get ready for Avengers Infinity War, here’s looking back at Thor Ragnarok.

Before Thor Ragnarok released in November 2017, we had only seen the serious side of the God of Thunder. The tide turned quite unexpectedly with Thor Ragnarok and what we got as a result was one of the funniest Marvel films till date. Directed by Taika Waititi, the film tapped into the dynamics that were still unexplored. Chris Hemsworth’s Thor lost his hammer, got a new hair-do and all of it was worth the experience that this film offered.

Thor Ragnarok was the third film in Thor’s franchise after Thor (2011) and Thor: The Dark World (2013).

Five best things about Thor Ragnarok:

1. Thor’s refreshing appeal

Thor was the righteous God from Asgard who wasn’t known for his sense of humour. In fact, his was the demeanour that would make Tony Stark awkward about his comic timing. With Thor Ragnarok, we saw a new side of him. With his chopped off hair, Thor was funny here even in moments of grave danger.

chris hemsworth as thor
Chris Hemsworth as Thor in Thor Ragnarok.

2. Korg


The alien made of rocks was voiced by the director himself and he provided some of the best punches of the film. Korg was the alien in Sakaar whose scenes with Thor ahead of the fighting pit were truly hilarious. We definitely need some more of Korg in MCU films.

3. Jeff Goldblum

Jeff Goldblum’s Grandmaster with his awkward pauses and a strange sense of humour was just what this film needed to make it even more hilarious. In his homeland of Sakaar, Goldblum was the kind of evil who poses to be foolish but could turn menacing any second.

jeff goldblum as grandmaster in thro ragnarok
Jeff Goldblum was truly one of the best things about Thor Ragnarok

4. Humour of the film

The film’s humour wasn’t just attributed to a few characters but in fact director Taika Waititi made sure that even in moments that could have played on the sheer intensity of Thor and Loki, he gave the siblings a quirky dynamic. This tone was maintained in scenes in Sakaar, Asgard and the short trip they made to Earth.

5. Thor & Hulk’s camaraderie

Watching them together in this film made us wonder why Marvel hadn’t thrown these two together until now. Thor’s “He’s a friend from work” got applause at the time of the trailer itself and watching them get out of Sakaar showed us a side of their dynamic that we’ll be looking forward to in Avengers infinity War as well.

chris hemsworth as thor and mark ruffalo as hulk in thor ragnarok
Thor and Hulk’s banter in the film kept us entertained.

Five not-so-great things about Thor Ragnarok:

1. Hela

While Cate Blanchett played this character with much finesse, the character did not have many layers that the great actor could explore. Hela was a charismatic villain who was fighting to be the ruler of Asgard but her motive to destroy everything wasn’t explored much.

cate blanchett as hela in thor ragnarok
Cate Blanchett played Hela in Thor Ragnarok.

2. Lack of an engaging story

Thor Ragnarok worked on many fronts but story wasn’t one of them. The plot moves to different planets and spends way too much indulging itself in humour than actually focusing on the plot. The film was fun to watch but if you ask anyone if the plot was binding, they wouldn’t say yes.

3. Odin’s death had no impact

Odin was shown as an important character in the Thor franchise and given this film is about the conflict amongst his three children and the events triggering from the time of Odin’s death, we expected his death to have a little more impact. With all the humour going on, this was conveniently skipped over.

odin played by anthony hopkins in thor ragnarok
Anthony Hopkins played Odin in Thor Ragnarok.

4. The Warriors Three

Even though Thor Ragnarok was much better than its predecessors, it felt like director Taika Waititi wanted to erase everything that had happened in the previous Thor films. The Warriors Three were the comic relief of the previous films but in this one, they were just skipped over and two were killed the moment Hela walked in.

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5. Way too much screen time for Skurge


As mentioned before, Cate’s Hela was quite undercooked. So undercooked in fact that it looked like even Karl Urban’s Skurge had more of a character arc than her but what was the point of it? Why did the audience spend so much time with this character whose contribution to the entire plot could have been easily ignored?